Vivo patents a new frameless slider phone: is it the next Nex?

Tram Ho

Vivo is one of the pioneers in full screen design. Each year, the company affirms its determination to follow this path through the concept of Apex product lines – a product line that will soon be launched by Vivo with the new name Nex. And a new design patent submitted by Vivo in China shows a first look at the next generation of Apex.

This unknown Vivo phone was discovered in the CNIPA database by Gizmochina. The patent shows that a phone slips in both states: slides up and down, while also showing some other design features that could be carried on a real phone model. future.

Vivo đăng ký bằng sáng chế một chiếc điện thoại trượt không viền mới: có phải chiếc Nex tiếp theo? - Ảnh 1.

In a normal state, the drawing shows a phone with ultra-thin bezels on all sides of the screen, without rabbit ears and any cavities to accommodate the front camera. The back of the device is a 4-lens camera assembly, which is lined up along a line in the middle of the camera body; It is worth noting that the largest lens is separate in a triangular detail near the top edge. When this triangle section slides up, you will see a flash module appear.

An interesting point is that the front of the slider doesn’t show any selfie camera or sensors. It is likely that this is indeed the location of the selfie camera (s), but it does not explicitly illustrate the patent. The Gizmochina page predicts that this section is a second screen used to display additional information, or there may be an under-screen camera here.

Vivo đăng ký bằng sáng chế một chiếc điện thoại trượt không viền mới: có phải chiếc Nex tiếp theo? - Ảnh 2.

When sliding up, the slider does not seem to bring more functionality to the front and back of the device. It is possible that on the finished product, this part will be integrated with some additional sensors, otherwise it is meaningless when Vivo decides to use a slider design which is likely to be damaged as well as higher production costs. usually, common, normal.

And as usual, a patent is not a guarantee that a product will surely be realized, let alone to market. It could be an indication of the design trend Vivo is testing. If true, it will most likely be part of the Vivo or Apex series of Vivo phones, which are famous for possessing risky characteristics when it comes to design.

Reference: TechRadar

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