vivo asserts its leading position in mobile photography with the X-series

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In recent years, vivo has continuously affirmed its position in the smartphone field. If in 2020, vivo once ranked first in smartphone sales in the Asian market and 5th globally in the fourth quarter (according to statistics from IDC and Counterpoint), in the first quarter of 2021, the company had a growth rate of up to 62 percent. % in the 5G integrated camera phone market (data from US market analysis firm Strategy Analytics). In particular, the major contribution belongs to the Flagship X-series, these are smartphones with professional camera systems.

Taking a look at the previous products launched in the Vietnamese market such as the X50 series or X60 Pro, it is not difficult to recognize a mobile photography standard established by vivo with many groundbreaking innovations. At the time of launch, the X50 Pro made a strong impression when it was the first smartphone to pioneer integrated Gimbal (physical anti-vibration device) inside an ultra-thin body. As a result, photos are sharp and detailed even when recording with your non-dominant hand, taking photos while running or zooming in close-up.

With the X60 Pro, vivo left its mark when collaborating with the world’s leading brand of lenses and optical instruments ZEISS. Combining lens manufacturing with ZEISS not only helps vivo create breakthroughs in photography and videography, but also affirms its position in the high-end smartphone market.

vivo khẳng định vị thế dẫn đầu hàng đầu nhiếp ảnh di động với X-series - Ảnh 1.

The cooperation with the leading lens brand ZEISS helps affirm vivo’s position in the high-end smartphone market

Recently, the company continues to affirm its position at the pinnacle of photography with the launch of the X70 Pro product. The lens of the X70 Pro continues to be co-engineered by vivo and ZEISS. However, this time, ZEISS will cooperate more deeply in the development of hardware technology. More than 800 engineers from vivo and ZEISS experts have conducted rigorous research and screening processes to select a hardware and software device that meets both standards. Accordingly, only 1 in 10 lenses meet ZEISS standards, and tens of millions of photos must be taken to find the brand’s standard color.

vivo khẳng định vị thế dẫn đầu hàng đầu nhiếp ảnh di động với X-series - Ảnh 2.

vivo X70 Pro continues the X-series’ mission “The pinnacle of photography, affirming its position”

The X70 Pro is also the rare smartphone to feature ZEISS T* coating on all lenses, allowing more light to be captured for pure, sharp images, and anti-glare in bright environments or backlit, providing a “human-centered professional photography” experience.

Compared to the X60 Pro, vivo X70 Pro is upgraded in terms of anti-shake capabilities thanks to the super-sensor Gimbal 3.0 anti-shake technology. Not only is it 2 times more anti-shake than the previous generation, Gimbal 3.0 also helps the image on the X70 Pro to be stable, 6 times less blurry than a regular phone. Even when constantly moving on bumpy terrain or low-light environments, Gimbal 3.0 keeps images and videos sharp thanks to a wide-angle anti-shake that is many times larger than OIS optical stabilization. All the lenses and sensors of the X70 Pro are mounted on a Double-Ball Suspension Mount system, using mechanical movements to keep the camera angle stable, combined with an anti-blur algorithm to optimize. exposure time, freezing moving objects. With a wider anti-shake angle, the VIS 5-Axis Video Stabilization on the X70 Pro offers significantly improved performance.

Super night photography and video recording mode is also a unique highlight on the X70 Pro series. The Sony IMX766V sensor is designed with up to 60% superior light sensitivity compared to unrefined sensors. The large photosensitive area (1/1.56) size and high resolution help the device capture better light, thereby focusing quickly and the detail of the image is also higher. This technology contributes to the real-time Super Night Shot mode, making the image appearing on the shooting interface as bright as the eye as soon as the night mode is turned on.

vivo khẳng định vị thế dẫn đầu hàng đầu nhiếp ảnh di động với X-series - Ảnh 3.

Gimbal 3.0 technology and Sony IMX766V sensor make images always stable, sharp and clear in all conditions

Portrait mode cannot be ignored when it comes to the photographic highlights of the X70 Pro. A 12MP professional portrait lens with a 50mm equivalent focal length enhanced by a host of technologies from ZEISS will make your portraits stand out. The company’s “legendary” set of four lenses: Biotar, Distagon, Planar and Sonnar has been encapsulated in a utility block.

vivo khẳng định vị thế dẫn đầu hàng đầu nhiếp ảnh di động với X-series - Ảnh 4.

Users can unleash their creativity and produce photo styles with professional effects

With the X70 Pro, vivo continues to affirm its position at the pinnacle of photography, inheriting and developing the photographic technologies that have been invested by the company on the two product lines X50 and X60 series. Not only pursuing the goal of providing users with pioneering camera technologies to optimize the photography experience, but the X-series is the product line that represents the spirit of “Humanistic Joy”. by vivo: Wishing every user to have the perfect tool to capture their vibes in the most authentic and clear way.

Top notch photography at your fingertips, visit here and leave your details to pre-order the X70 Pro now. With pre-orders from September 17 to September 23, you will receive preferential prices and many attractive gifts such as free 3 million VND, Foomee HH17 bluetooth speaker, 6-month breakage warranty, 18-month machine warranty and 0% installment option. More information about X70 Pro is posted on the official website of vivo Vietnam.

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