Vingroup’s vaccine goes into phase 3b testing, preparing to apply for an emergency license in December

Tram Ho

The ARCT-154 vaccine purchased by Vingroup with US technology for testing, manufactured in Vietnam, has so far entered phase 3b trials with more than 20,000 volunteers.

Under the plan, half of the volunteers participating in the phase 3b trial will receive two doses of the vaccine, 28 days apart. The other half will take a placebo. Phase 2 and phase 3a of the trial is still ongoing with more than 300 people and 600 people respectively.

Vaccine của Vingroup đi vào thử nghiệm giai đoạn 3b, chuẩn bị xin cấp phép khẩn cấp vào tháng 12 - Ảnh 1.

Arcturus President and CEO Joseph Payne said that Arcturus is very pleased with the current trial progress, the start of phase 3b brings the vaccine closer to its goal of applying for an emergency authorization, scheduled for next December .

Previously, at the beginning of August, Vingroup officially signed a contract with Arcturus Therapeutics Biotechnology Joint Stock Company (USA) to receive an exclusive transfer of technology to produce vaccines against COVID-19.

Under the agreement, Arcturus will issue an exclusive license and VinBioCare Biotechnology Joint Stock Company (a member company of Vingroup) will produce a vaccine against COVID-19 named VBC-COV19-154 (based on the ARCT vaccine invention- 154 of Arcturus).

This vaccine is capable of protecting against dangerous new strains such as Delta (India), Alpha (UK), Beta (South Africa), Gamma (Brazil). With a production capacity of up to 200 million doses/year, Vingroup is expected to ship the first batches of vaccines in early 2022 .

Recently, when sharing with the press, Dr. Nguyen Ngo Quang, Deputy Director of the Department of Science, Technology and Training, Ministry of Health, informed that the ARCT-154 vaccine based on mRNA technology was developed on the basis of the ARCT vaccine. – 021 (there are results of phase 1, 2 and 3 studies in the US and Singapore). Therefore, the Ethics Council has allowed to ensure the progress and time to serve the prevention and control of the epidemic in Vietnam, this study is carried out overlapping phases 2 and 3a.

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Source : Genk