Vingroup opens “Vinmart Supermarket 4.0” “The first Virtual Store in Vietnam: Customers just need to look at the poster and scan the QR code, 2 hours after the goods arrive at the door

Tram Ho

Vingroup has just announced the launch of the virtual supermarket VinMart 4.0 (Virtual Store), simulating more than 100 image-selective product groups on large-format pressure plates. VinCommerce and VinID expect to create a revolution in retail consumption in Vietnam …

For the first time in Vietnam, a virtual store (Virtual Store) officially went into operation.

According to the announcement from Vingroup, "VinMart 4.0" simulates more than 100 image-selective product groups on large-format pressure-plates, products and brands arranged, eye-catching color layout similar to Actual stalls in the supermarket. Customers need only open VinID application, select Scan & Go feature then scan QR code of products to buy at "VinMart 4.0" and pay immediately with VinID application.

VinMart will deliver goods to buyers only after 2-4 hours.

"Virtual" supermarkets will be located in high density, densely populated areas such as dormitories, office buildings, schools, bus waiting points …

In the beginning, VinMart selected 20 locations in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to deploy virtual supermarkets and will continue to expand to other locations across the country.

Along with supermarket VinMart 4.0, users can also experience "buying from afar" through Smart Shopping Handbook. Different from the usual handbooks in supermarkets, VinMart Smart Shopping Handbook has 2 electronic and paper versions to help users choose and buy goods directly when scanning QR codes via Scan feature. & Go.

More than 800 items will be divided into groups, topics, fully meeting the needs of essential consumer goods from food, convenience utensils, personal care products, family … on this handbook. Help customers easily shop and receive items at home from anywhere.

Virtual supermarket "VinMart 4.0" and the Smart Shopping Manual developed from the Scan & Go feature of VinMart system has been put into practice in March 2019. Up to now, VinMart Scan & Go has expanded its scope of application from 13 points to 73 VinMart supermarkets nationwide.

Customers can easily "shop remotely" thanks to VinMart's Smart Shopping Handbook

As a pioneer in bringing these modern shopping technologies to Vietnam, at the same time programming and developing to suit domestic consumers, VinCommerce and VinID want to create a revolution in consumption. retail in Vietnam, offering solutions to save time and add more utilities to customers.

This time VinMart Scan & Go also brings consumers to access and familiarize with the trend of modern non-cash payment of the world through the way of activating e-wallet on VinID application or using a bank card. Quick and secure way. E-wallet on the app helps users to shop completely with only 1 application, 1 time to enter unique information, not through intermediaries or service fees.


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