Vingroup cooperates with 5 universities and research institutes to train masters in data science

Tram Ho

The program aims to improve the quality of young human resources through the development of training programs, conditions for study and research to an international level.

Cooperating in training Master of Data Science signed by VinIF Innovation Fund with 5 training units including Quy Nhon University, Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Institute of Mathematics – Academy of Sciences & Vietnam Technology, John von Neumann Institute – Ho Chi Minh City National University. Ho Chi Minh and University of Natural Sciences – Vietnam National University Hanoi. The objective of the program is to build master’s programs in Data Science, Applied Mathematics combining intensive theory and practice towards international level.

Under the signed cooperation agreement, VinIF Fund will provide financial, technological, knowledge and expert networks for each training institution in the first 3 years to create a premise for development. Supporting activities include: Inviting visiting professors; Developing and supplementing textbooks and lectures; Create learning and research opportunities with prestigious scientists in the world for students; Capacity building, experience in scientific research. In addition, VinIF Fund will sponsor 10 scholarships for excellent students in each unit to encourage the development of talents.

Professor Vu Ha Van – Scientific Director of VinBDI Big Data Research Institute said: “Vietnam is really lacking high quality human resources in the field of data. Through this Collaborative Training Agreement, they I hope to accompany training institutions to encourage young people who have the capacity to study and research data science – an indispensable industry in the 4.0 industrial revolution. ”

Vingroup hợp tác với 5 trường Đại học, viện nghiên cứu đào tạo thạc sĩ khoa học dữ liệu - Ảnh 1.

Professor Vu Ha Van – Science Director of VinBigdata Big Data Research Institute emphasizes the importance of data science.

Representative of the training unit, Assoc. TS Hoang Minh Son, Rector of Hanoi University of Science and Technology, said: “We have great expectations for the cooperation with Vingroup Group to contribute to promoting the training of high quality human resources for society in Vietnam. The key field now is science and technology, in addition to funding, students and students also have the opportunity to interact with leading experts of the Big Data Research Institute through activities: teaching , guidance on making a thesis or dissertation “.

Vingroup hợp tác với 5 trường Đại học, viện nghiên cứu đào tạo thạc sĩ khoa học dữ liệu - Ảnh 2.

Associate Professor, Doctor of Science Phan Thi Ha Duong – CEO of Vingroup Innovation Fund signed a training cooperation agreement with representatives of Hanoi University of Technology.

In the framework of the program, the parties organized the seminar “High-quality human resources Data Science: Challenges and Opportunities”. Participants have the opportunity to access new perspectives on data science and the fundamental challenges of training and developing high quality human resources in this field.

Vingroup hợp tác với 5 trường Đại học, viện nghiên cứu đào tạo thạc sĩ khoa học dữ liệu - Ảnh 3.

Guests attended the “High-quality Human Resources Data Science: Challenges and Opportunities” Seminar.

The signing ceremony of the Master of Data Science training with 5 universities and research institutes shows Vingroup’s efforts in promoting the development of high quality human resources, contributing to laying the foundation for Vietnam’s science and technology sector is close to the world.

Information introduction:

VinIF Innovation Fund (under Big Data Research Institute – VinBigdata) was established by Vingroup with the role of assisting organizations and individuals to carry out scientific research, technology and innovation, in order to creating positive and sustainable changes for the future of Vietnamese science and technology.

VinIF Fund implements 04 key programs, including: Supporting research projects; Sponsor graduate scholarships; Cooperative training masters and Cooperation, Sponsoring conferences, seminars. Previously, in 2019, the VinIF Fund provided 124 billion VND for 158 graduate students, graduate students and 20 science and technology research projects in Vietnam.

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