Vingroup claims to be willing to share free AI applications and medical databases

Tram Ho

The above information was shared by representatives of Vingroup’s Big Data Research Institute in the seminar “AI in Health” held in the framework of Vietnam Artificial Intelligence Festival (AI4VN) on the afternoon of August 15 .

Specifically, AI applications in imaging diagnostics will help patients have access to quality diagnostics at a low cost, especially in localities. For doctors, this AI application will help to make a diagnosis faster and more confident.

Vingroup tuyên bố sẵn sàng chia sẻ miễn phí ứng dụng AI và cơ sở dữ liệu về y tế - Ảnh 1.

According to a representative of the Big Data Research Institute, for doctors, AI applications in image diagnosis will help to make conclusions faster and more confident.

“According to a worldwide report on breast cancer screening, if only one doctor sees images and concludes, the accuracy is about 78%, but if AI is available, the accuracy will reach 87. % “, representative of Vingroup Research Institute said.

In addition, for medical imaging database, the Institute owns more than 100,000 photos with different sizes and faces collected from 5-10 hospitals in Vietnam. These images are annotated by experienced and standardized doctors, labeled. “We will be willing to share it for free for research units,” added Vingroup Research Institute representative.

Vingroup tuyên bố sẵn sàng chia sẻ miễn phí ứng dụng AI và cơ sở dữ liệu về y tế - Ảnh 2.

Earlier, in the press conference to introduce the Artificial Intelligence Festival (AI4VN) held on July 31, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Bui The Duy affirmed that so far, Vietnam has not had much big data of Areas to be used for research and development of artificial intelligence. Because, for a long time, from the research institute to the management agency, the company has not paid attention to storing the data from which to digitize and convert it into data for artificial intelligence to learn and apply.

To solve this problem, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology said that Vietnam can only develop artificial intelligence if it can mobilize the strength of each person, each researcher, each specialist, engineer, and leader corporations to share information, share knowledge …

This issue was also shared by Vice Minister Bui The Duy at the ICT Summit Forum which took place in early August 2019. The Deputy Minister hoped that the digital transformation coalition just launched at the ICT Summit could share each other’s data for both FPT and CMC. Viettel has developed big data. For example, the development of Vietnamese data identification, businesses spend a lot of money to build their own solutions, but no one has shared data with each other. Therefore, Vietnam has become poorer and poorer and more difficult to break through. “Let us share data to build artificial intelligence and big data”, Deputy Minister of Science and Technology affirmed.

However, incidents like Facebook were recently discovered sharing user data for other big tech companies like Amazon, Netflix, Spotify … causing controversy over the downside of data sharing. Therefore, how to balance the development of new technologies such as artificial intelligence and user privacy also raises problems for managers.

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