VinFast wants to spend 20 million USD to buy a car testing center in Australia

Tram Ho

CBRE Real Estate Group is the unit authorized by General Motors to sell its real estate in Australia. Earlier, the unit also sold Holden’s manufacturing facilities in Elizabeth and Port Melbourne.

The price for the test track in Lang Lang has not been officially announced, but according to industry experts, this property amounts to US $ 15 – 20 million.

 VinFast muốn chi 20 triệu USD mua lại trung tâm thử nghiệm xe ở Australia - Ảnh 1.

Lang Lang testing center is 877 ha wide. (Photo: CarAdvice).

CBRE said the test center will be vacant from July to September, at least three months before the Holden brand – General Motors’ car brand, is completely shut down.

General Motors plans to sell Lang Lang, including a newly renovated multi-million-dollar emissions laboratory, where tests for US-branded cars are made, after leaving the line. manufacturing.

According to information, Australian transport tycoon Lindsay Fox is known as the most potential buyer.

In addition, VinFast – the Vietnamese automaker, is also intending to race in the acquisition of this testing center.

 VinFast muốn chi 20 triệu USD mua lại trung tâm thử nghiệm xe ở Australia - Ảnh 2.

VinFast Vietnam’s car company is in the process of acquiring this testing center. (Photo: CarAdvice).

The car company of billionaire Pham Nhat Vuong is in the early days of building new facilities in the country of kangaroos, and is aggressively hunting former engineers of Holden, Ford and Toyota.

In December last year, VinFast quietly entered Melbourne to set up VinFast Engineering Australia.

Australia is a developed automotive market, with ready-made suppliers and skilled workers, which VinFast can directly exploit. VinFast Engineering Australia will be responsible for product development for some of our future models, “said VinFast CEO Jim DeLuca.

“Our vision is to become a global car manufacturer, with a successful brand,” he added.

Although VinFast has a plan to produce vehicles in Vietnam, according to CarAdvice , the emerging automaker wants to exploit Australia’s existing technical expertise and infrastructure to accelerate development. new car models.

In the past, VinFast also had a cooperation with General Motors to distribute Chevrolet cars in Vietnam.

If it wins the auction, the Vietnamese automaker can use it to conduct its exclusive car tests, according to CarAdvice.

 VinFast muốn chi 20 triệu USD mua lại trung tâm thử nghiệm xe ở Australia - Ảnh 3.

Lang Lang is a 60-year-old Holden vehicle testing center. (Photo: CarAdvice).

Lang Lang is Holden’s large-scale vehicle testing center. The center has an area of ​​up to 877 ha, near the town of Lang Lang and about 90km southeast of Melbourne.

The center owns a 44 km long test road system, a 4.7 lane 4-lane high-speed road area, a 5.5 km handling test track, a 100m diameter slip pan, and roads. wear, tramway, ….

Earlier, in 2018, Holden spent $ 15.9 million renovating the facility to build an emissions laboratory.

It is still thought that Lang Lang will be retained by General Motors. However, the fact is that the American car company will sell it along with the departure of the Holden brand in Australia and New Zealand later this year.

Lang Lang Test Center was opened in 1957 and is now over 60 years old. This is where hundreds of tests of Holden-branded cars have been held, before they are put into mass production and showrooms.

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Source : Genk