VinFast pays interest to customers who deposit electric cars, the interest rate is higher than bank savings

Tram Ho

At the end of March, VinFast announced the VF e34 electric car, which is also the brand’s first electric car. VinFast VF e34 has a list price of VND 699 million, competing directly in the popular SUV / CUV segment that is attracting a lot of attention with a number of rivals such as KIA Seltos, Hyundai Kona, Toyota Corolla Cross…

In order to stimulate users to buy electric cars, in the past time, VinFast has had a series of different incentive programs for customers who deposit VF e34. From the time of announcement at the end of March to the end of June 30, customers who deposit can directly deduct VND 100 million from the car price, remaining VND 599 million. In addition, customers also receive incentives such as 1 year free battery subscription (equivalent to 17.4 million VND), 10 year warranty, 30 million VND subsidy when changing from petrol cars.

VinFast trả lãi cho khách cọc xe điện, lãi suất cao hơn cả gửi tiết kiệm ngân hàng - Ảnh 1.

VinFast VF e34

At the end of June, VinFast continued to launch a registration tax incentive program for customers. Specifically, if customers deposit 50 million VND and commit not to refund/cancel the deposit or change to another car, they will be given 100% registration tax by VinFast. If customers combine both promotions, deduct 100 million dong from the car price and give away the registration tax, they can enjoy a preferential rate of up to nearly 200 million dong; thereby bringing the “rolling” price of VF e34 to less than 600 million VND.

However, not stopping there, recently VinFast has continued to announce one more incentive for those who deposit before VF e34. Specifically, the amount that customers transfer to VinFast to deposit VF e34 will be paid by the Vietnamese car company with an interest rate of 10%/year, from the time VinFast receives the deposit until the time of car handover. This interest rate of VinFast is higher than the current savings interest rate at any bank in Vietnam.

VinFast trả lãi cho khách cọc xe điện, lãi suất cao hơn cả gửi tiết kiệm ngân hàng - Ảnh 2.

Email from VinFast about customers being paid interest when depositing VF e34 cars

Of course, no one will deposit VinFast’s electric cars just for profit. To participate in this program, users will have to deposit an amount of VND 50 million and cannot refund / cancel the deposit, which means they will definitely have to buy a car. However, this is still an unprecedented promotion in the Vietnamese car market and will help those who are interested in the VF e34 have more “motivation” to lower their money to own this car. Because, up to now, VinFast VF e34 has only stopped at the render images and theoretical parameters, there is no actual car for users to experience.

Currently, VF e34 is still in the deposit stage, it is expected that it will be late October or early November to start delivering cars to customers. In the near future, VinFast will continue to announce two models VF e35 and VF e36 in the higher segment. Unlike the VF e34, besides the electric version, both the VF e35 and VF e36 will have a traditional petrol-powered version.

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Source : Genk