VinFast officially handed over the first 45 units VF 8 City Edition to US customers

Tram Ho

VinFast has just handed over the first 45 VF 8 City Edition cars to customers at 9 VinFast Stores, officially starting its journey to the North American market. The next cars in the City Edition batch will be delivered at the VinFast store chain or delivered to customers’ homes in the coming days, according to the Vietnamese automaker.

VinFast chính thức bàn giao 45 chiếc VF 8 City Edition đầu tiên cho khách hàng Mỹ - Ảnh 1.

It is known that the VF 8 City Edition batch of 999 units was imported to the US in December 2022. As the first limited edition launched to the market, VF 8 City Edition has special preferential policies for customers.

Currently, VF 8 City Edition has two versions, Eco and Plus, with a travel distance of 207 miles (333 km) and 191 miles (307 km) certified by EPA, respectively.

VinFast chính thức bàn giao 45 chiếc VF 8 City Edition đầu tiên cho khách hàng Mỹ - Ảnh 2.

The car integrates many modern technology features such as advanced driving assistance system (ADAS), a suite of smart entertainment and utility applications (Smart Services) … After going into operation, VF 8 City Edition will continue to continue. Continuously receive free software updates (FOTA) by the company to upgrade vehicle features and bring the best experience to customers.

Besides, VinFast also applies after-sales policies such as 10-year warranty for vehicles and batteries, mobile repair services, 24/7 rescue for vehicles, etc. to ensure peace of mind and convenience for users.

In addition to VF8, VinFast has also received pre-orders for the more advanced VF9 electric SUV, and introduced to this country two models VF6 and VF7. The company said it has received a total of 64,000 orders for its electric models globally.

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Source : Genk