VinFast Impes and Ludo – Vietnam’s “national” duo of electric motorcycles

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Following the success of the Klara electric motorbike model, on September 12, 2019, VinFast officially introduced two new models named Impes and Ludo. This car is in the mid-range segment, targeting a variety of users at the prices of VND 21,990,000 and VND 20,990,000, respectively.

VinFast Impes and Ludo have been launched for sale since September 15 in Hanoi. By September 25, these two models will appear in the city. HCM and Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa). Starting October 10, the new VinFast electric motorcycle duo will be available in other provinces.

Universal cars of international quality

Although the price is significantly lower than Klara, Impes and Ludo, VinFast is equipped with high quality components and accessories and applies the most advanced technology in the electric motorcycle market.

VinFast Impes và Ludo - Bộ đôi xe máy điện “quốc dân” của Việt Nam - Ảnh 1.

Two new models of Ludo and Impes electric motorbikes have been launched by VinFast

The chassis is quality confirmed through rigorous tests and tests before it leaves the factory. The twisting test takes 100 continuous hours, the other tests include 03 30,000-kilometer endurance runs, 1,000,000-cycle fatigue tests, 7,000 N static tests, and 1,000 km rugged running tests.

Impes and Ludo engines are from the Bosch brand. This type of engine is integrated in the rim, has IP57 water and dust protection standards. While Ludo uses 500W power type, maximum torque 60, Impes more powerful with a capacity of 1,200 W and maximum torque of 80Nm.

The lithium-ion battery installed inside the two electric motorbike models is also a brand from LG Chem. This battery pack allows the Impes to travel 68 km after a full charge. For the Ludo model, the battery life is sufficient for a distance of 70 km. The battery packs of both models meet IP67 water and dust resistance standards.

An interesting feature of Impes and Ludo is the renting and replacement of batteries at battery exchange stations instead of traditional charging. This form of battery replacement is quite new and civilized, users can completely replace the battery thanks to thousands of battery exchange stations spread across the country. From October 10, VinFast will install a total of 2,200 battery exchange stations nationwide and this number will increase to more than 5,000 stations by the end of the year. Users can easily search for battery changers on google maps or xemaydien, / tram-doi-pin

Thanks to the battery exchange policy, VinFast can easily manage and have a plan to recycle expired batteries, ensuring safety for the environment and people’s health. At the same time, the company will also bear the risk of battery wear and tear (such as fire, explosion) on behalf of customers.

VinFast Impes và Ludo - Bộ đôi xe máy điện “quốc dân” của Việt Nam - Ảnh 2.

In addition to outstanding features, VinFast Ludo & Impes also has great ecological significance

In parallel with the international quality, the most modern technologies are integrated inside the two popular models Impes and Ludo. The car can be connected to a smart phone via the VinFast Escooter application, which helps the car possess superior intelligent features such as anti-theft alerts, journey monitoring, battery status check, battery exchange search, location finder. Vehicle … Users can manually set the mode such as sirens and vibrations, SMS alerts or call alerts … The functions clearly displayed on the size LED screen 4.8 inches.

With so many modern technologies, Impes and Ludo are still warranted for up to 3 years. Within the Vingroup ecosystem, the quality of VinFast is affirmed through other famous products such as Vinmec or Vinpearl. Therefore, users can feel secure about the quality of products as well as customer service of VinFast.

Potential “national” electric motorbike for Vietnamese people

VinFast Impes and Ludo have a compact design, not only suitable for Vietnamese physique, but also a diverse range of users: from families to students, students, the elderly …

Impes’ weight of 75kg and Ludo’s 68kg is much lighter than the mid-range scooter models on the market (100-120 kg). With a relatively large load, Ludo can carry up to 140kg and Impes is 130kg; the speed of the vehicle can reach a maximum of 50 km / h, although it is not a silk steering wheel, the driver of the vehicle will not have any difficulty when participating in urban traffic.

VinFast Impes và Ludo - Bộ đôi xe máy điện “quốc dân” của Việt Nam - Ảnh 3.

The new electric motorbike line is suitable for many objects and convenient in urban traffic

The car has a youthful and elegant design with large stylized lights and fashionable turn signals. Ludo’s 14-inch rims are equivalent to ordinary scooters, wide tires for a comfortable cornering experience.

Modern design but no less handy, Ludo model has a trunk for storage; the trunk under the seat can fit the raincoat; thick, smooth seat; The handlebar, saddle and footrest areas are designed to provide the most comfortable sitting position. As a result, driving the car on the busy street is also very safe, students or the elderly are suitable for this electric motorcycle.

With assurances about product quality, enthusiastic customer service and free battery exchange support program for 6 months from September 15 to March 15, Ludo and Impes are priced quite reasonably compared to Most popular electric motorbike models in the market. Therefore, domestic consumers can easily reach electric motorbikes bearing Vietnamese brand and international standards. Electric cars are the trend of the world, electric cars help protect the environment, and “protect” the pocket of users in the long run.

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