Vinfast has just reached a key deal for its electric car ambitions

Tram Ho

On March 3, 2021, VinFast and ProLogium Technology Company (Taiwan) signed a memorandum of understanding on strategic cooperation. Accordingly, VinFast is entitled to use ProLogium’s patents to manufacture solid-state battery packs in Vietnam.

More specifically, VinFast and ProLogium will establish a joint venture to manufacture solid-state batteries for electric cars in Vietnam. This joint venture will gain access to ProLogium’s patents on solid state battery packaging technology (MAB) (Multi-Axis Bipolar + or + multi-axis bipolar technology) to produce solid-state battery blocks. With MAB technology, the battery blocks will save a lot of excess space, increasing the energy density from 29% to 56.5% compared to traditional battery blocks.

Vinfast vừa đạt được thỏa thuận quan trọng cho tham vọng xe điện của mình - Ảnh 1.

ProLogium is currently the world leader in solid-state battery technology by demonstrating its technology from 2013 and by 2017, ProLogium became the first company in the world to have a public test line. solid state battery technology for automotive applications. So far, ProLogium’s solid-state battery models have passed many safety tests in Europe and China and the company is also working with other electric vehicle manufacturers to test new battery technology.

This is a strategic step in VinFast’s autonomous battery technology for electric vehicles, which is a premise for the research and development of smart and advanced electric vehicles in the future.

The partnership with ProLogium is the next step of VinFast in the roadmap towards the goal of becoming a globally popular smart electric car brand. Previously, VinFast announced the first 3 lines of self-propelled electric cars level 2-3 named VF31, VF32, VF33 and is deploying charging stations across the country, with the goal of having more than 40,000 charging ports for electric scooters and electric cars by the end of this year.

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Source : Genk