VinFast chooses Nvidia chip technology on self-propelled smart electric cars

Tram Ho

Nvidia’s chip technology will give VinFast electric cars a faster, safer, and superior experience for users.

VinFast chọn công nghệ chip Nvidia trên ô tô điện thông minh tự hành - Ảnh 1.

Accordingly, VinFast will use the technology platform of the Nvidia Drive Xavier chips on electric cars to the market from 2022 and is expected to upgrade to the new generation and most powerful Nvidia Drive Orin chip for sessions. high-end car version after that.

Nvidia Drive Orin is the highest performance processor on the market today, integrating more than 21 billion transistors, the latest generation Nvidia Ampere GPU architecture, 12 Cortex-A78 ARM64 CPUs. In addition, with the processor also equipped with computer vision acceleration technology (Computer Vision), deep learning (Deep Learning), the Orin chip is capable of processing over 254 trillion calculations per second. to operate a large number of applications and deep neural networks simultaneously, supporting vehicle special features such as cruise planning, locating charging stations and dealerships, and risk of theft , learn and remember users’ usage habits, drive on highways, auto-park …

VinFast chọn công nghệ chip Nvidia trên ô tô điện thông minh tự hành - Ảnh 2.

When using Nvidia’s chip technologies, VinFast electric cars will own a faster information processing system, thereby increasing safety and enhancing autonomy to outperform the existing models on the market. In addition, the Orin chip line meets ISO 26262 ASIL-D safety standards, ensuring the highest level for self-propelled automobile electronic safety.

Ms. Thai Thi Thanh Hai – Vice Chairman of Vingroup and General Director of VinFast shared: “VinFast’s orientation is Global Intellectual Connection – cooperating with technology companies to research and develop new technologies. to take the lead in applying the latest technologies to VinFast’s electric cars and products.With the choice of Nvidia’s technology, VinFast electric cars will be equipped with autonomous features, applying artificial intelligence technology and the most advanced wireless connections. ”

Mr. Rishi Dhall, Nvidia’s Vice President in charge of Autonomous Technology, said: “With the choice of using Nvidia’s technology, VinFast will accelerate the development of smart electric cars, raise safety and convenience standards. With that platform, VinFast will shape the future of transportation in Vietnam, Southeast Asia and the world. ”

VinFast chọn công nghệ chip Nvidia trên ô tô điện thông minh tự hành - Ảnh 3.

VinFast is currently the leading Vietnamese car manufacturer in the segment with cars sold in the domestic auto market. VinFast is developing and preparing to put into production smart electric cars in all segments, including VF e34 – mid-size SUV (Segment C), VF e35 – mid-size SUV (Segment D) and VF e36 – full size SUV (Segment E). All 3 models have level 2-3 autonomous features, with 30 smart features, of which the VF e34 is the first model to be launched in Vietnam first at the end of 2021.

It is expected that the VF e35 and VF e36 cars will be exported to the US, Canada and Europe in 2022.

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Source : Genk