Viettel Store officially accepts pre-orders for vivo V23e with many exclusive offers

Tram Ho

Viettel Store chính thức nhận đặt trước vivo V23e kèm nhiều ưu đãi độc quyền - Ảnh 1.

Since its launch, the vivo V series product line has proven a solid position in sales at Viettel Store, both with outstanding advantages in features, performance and design compared to many competitors in the same segment. .

Viettel Store chính thức nhận đặt trước vivo V23e kèm nhiều ưu đãi độc quyền - Ảnh 2.

From now until the end of November 24, 2021, customers who pre-order vivo V23e at Viettel Store above the retail price of VND 8,490,000 will receive a special preferential combo on the already very competitive price. Specifically, customers are given a voucher of VND 500,000 and an additional 6% discount, up to VND 300,000 when paying via VNPAY-QR. In addition, customers using Viettel network also get a special promotion when buying in installments with V200E package (or a subsidy equivalent to 3 months of charge for 12-month commitment Subsidy packages, 6 months for 18-month commitment packages) ).

Viettel Store chính thức nhận đặt trước vivo V23e kèm nhiều ưu đãi độc quyền - Ảnh 3.

All products sold at Viettel Store are genuine and apply the 1 to 1 exchange policy in the first 30 days if there is a defect from the manufacturer. In particular, vivo V23e will have a genuine 18-month warranty to thank customers for trusting and using vivo’s high-end product line during the past time.

After launching in the Livestream event last night, vivo V23e will come with the slogan: “Natural Self-Confidence” along with an attractive pre-order gift policy. Boasting the highest resolution 50MP portrait camera image sensor in its segment, vivo V23e produces natural portraits combined with a 64MP ultra-clear night vision rear camera with brilliant detail, comparable to professional cameras, delivering images with impressive detail. The entire camera suite possesses extremely rich features and shooting modes such as Super Sharp Selfie – Selfie Camera Auto Focus AF – Super Night Selfie Mode – AI Video Selfie – Dual Display Video – Bokeh Flare Portrait …

vivo V23e has an ultra-thin 7.36mm design (7.41mm thin for the Melody of Dawn version) with a weight of only 172g, making it easy to carry with you. And yet, the Extended RAM 2.0 feature allows 4GB of ROM memory to be allocated to RAM when needed, providing a smooth 8GB + 4GB RAM experience that helps you multitask up to 25 apps at the same time. don’t be afraid to lag.

With a large 4050mAh battery capacity combined with 44W Super Speed ​​Charging technology, the V23e can charge from 1% to 69% of the battery in just 30 minutes. Now that you’re no longer limited by battery life, it’s time to go out and have some fun.

The all-new dual-layer color coating technology creates a beautiful gradation, colors that blend magically. Each different angle brings attractive color spectrums, just like the bright sunlight of a summer day.

Customers interested in vivo V23e can order here or call toll free 1800.8123 for more details.

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