Viettel received 2 more exclusive patents in the US

Tram Ho

Viettel nhận thêm 2 bằng sáng chế độc quyền tại Mỹ - Ảnh 1.

Viettel has just received 2 more exclusive patents in the US. These are the “Weighted Load Balancing Method on Data Access Points” and the “Hybrid Multiplexer with Co-Directed General and Signal Gate” patents.

By the end of August 2021, Viettel had a total of 339 domestic patent applications and 49 patent applications in the US. Of which, 44 patents were granted in Vietnam and 07 were granted in the US.

Each year, the number of patents granted by Viettel increased by 142%, nearly 8 times higher than the average increase of 18% of domestic applicants. Viettel is a pioneer and key player in implementing the Prime Minister’s intellectual property strategy to 2030 with the goal of increasing the number of patent applications and patents by an average of 16 – 18%. /year.

Viettel nhận thêm 2 bằng sáng chế độc quyền tại Mỹ - Ảnh 2.

According to Mr. Le Dang Dung- Q. Chairman and CEO of the Group: “Viettel promotes copyright registration to move towards a larger goal, which is to contribute to world standards”.

The invention “Weighted load balancing method on data access points” helps to operate the telecommunications network efficiently and ensure data security for customers. The invention “Hybrid coupler with total gate and co-directional signal gate is applied in the production of 3D Radar radio. Both of these inventions were given by Viettel’s 9X-year-old group of engineers.

List of recognized inventions of Viettel:

1. Invention of Weighted Load Balancing Method on Data Access Points

2. Invention of Hybrid coupler with co-directional gate and signal gate

3. Invention of a method of random data division in multiprocessor distributed systems

4. Invention of a power system for a parallel robot with a spring system with constant power

5. Invention of a method to detect water surface targets in noisy environments

6. Invention of Two-Axis Direct Drive Mechanism

7. Method of adjustment and control of receiving link power adapting to the transmission environment in the base station system

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