Viettel published 4G coverage map, now Vietnamese people have checked the quality of the 4G network they are using

Tram Ho

Viettel công bố bản đồ phủ sóng 4G, giờ thì người Việt đã kiểm tra được chất lượng mạng 4G mình đang sử dụng - Ảnh 1.

On January 22, 2020, Viettel was the first and only network in Vietnam to publish a quality map of 4G mobile network coverage called Open Network.

In the world, only a very few carriers carry out this activity, including AT&T in the US and Airtel in India, ” Viettel’s statement said.

Open Network is a system built by Viettel’s engineering team, developed based on big data storage and processing technology.

By visiting the website, customers can easily check the quality of Viettel’s 4G coverage at their current location or anywhere in Vietnam. The Open Network also helps customers look up 4G details in whole route of interest. The information about 4G network on Open Network is shown truthfully and vividly by Viettel based on customers’ actual experience. The quality of 4G waves displayed through different colors with the levels Very good – Good – Fair – Weak.

In the process of using 4G service, if any problem arises, customers can also reflect it through the Open Network channel with the exact time and location on the map. From this reliable data source, Viettel will deploy solutions to improve 4G network quality.

“The decision to publish the map and the quality of Viettel’s 4G coverage through the Open Network comes from the orientation of converting customers-centric numbers. Instead of hiding information, we want customers to see reality. 4G network all over the country, thereby being more active in its activities and routes “.

“We also do not deny that the network has concave, bad quality. Therefore, we create a new platform and communication channel and expect customers to discover and help Viettel improve and improve the network quality. The network is getting better and better, “said Mr. Dao Xuan Vu – General Director of Viettel Network Corporation.

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Source : Genk