Viettel Post CEO pointed out the difficult problem of “Make in VietNam”: The Vietnamese personality is very difficult to start cooperation when succeeding

Tram Ho

Great opportunity of Vietnam

“At this time, Vietnam is facing a really big opportunity.” Viettel Post CEO Tran Trung Hung opened the conversation with reporter ICTnews by talking about the opportunities of Vietnamese technology enterprises at the present time.

Mr. Hung explained: If before, Vietnam had many disadvantages due to undeveloped electronics and mechanical industries, thus dragging the slow development of IT. But at the present time, when the technology market is more open, we can buy everything (mechanical machines, electronics – pv). So we have to stand on the shoulders of giants to grow. Vietnam is weak in electronic and mechanical technology but is very good at software technology. So we have to focus on our strengths.

CEO Viettel Post chỉ ra bài toán khó của Make in VietNam: Tính cách người Việt rất khó bắt tay hợp tác khi thành công - Ảnh 1.

Mr. Tran Trung Hung, Viettel Post CEO

Mr. Tran Trung Hung has taken the transformation process of Viettel Post to give more evidence for this. Viettel’s post office is transforming itself into a technology company with the first chance that it does not have to spend too much money to invest in production research. “We do the most important thing is to think about which business and technology models to match. Then IT engineers will concretize you products and they will buy electronic and mechanical devices to integrate. This process is faster than that we have to study and produce because production is the longest process ”.

However, this leader emphasized two things that businesses should pay attention to as a handshake with other businesses and mastering the design and connection system.

“Enterprises must boldly venture together. If you do not cooperate with each other but go to buy yourself and keep calling for capital to buy, you do not know when it will be done. Technology businesses should cooperate with equipment manufacturing companies, especially creating demand for manufacturing businesses. ”

In addition to this, Vietnamese businesses must also master the design and connection system (IT). Without mastering the design and the system, the risk of failure is very high and not as optimal as the Vietnamese enterprises want. This is the solution that this leader applies to the latest sharing system of Viettel Post.

Create markets for technology startups

To solve the Make in VietNam problem, according to Mr. Tran Trung Hung, the State needs a clearer strategy than most. The most important thing is creating a market for technology startups.

“If Vietnam is not self-reliant, it will be forever dependent. Therefore, Make in Vietnam is an essential policy. But whether or not it can be done, it is necessary to have a clear strategy of the State. Market for businesses because the biggest problem of technology startups is the market “.

It is necessary to focus on the quality of enterprises rather than the number of enterprises because the Vietnamese market is too small. If creating a mechanism for too many investment enterprises to provide the same service product, there is clearly no market and surplus for the developed business, and will also lead to a state of business resources. business is scattered.

“Big businesses that work together and provide a product are obviously” dead. “If we are too focused on business development when not giving them a market, it is essential that such businesses do not surplus for further investment “.

“The character of Vietnamese people is very difficult to cooperate when successful. When successful businesses need to expand and develop, they will not shake hands with other businesses but will immediately open other businesses, develop products like so to compete immediately, this will cause the market to be broken down. ”

At this time, the legal corridor is the most important. Mr. Tran Trung Hung said: “We should prioritize enterprises to make products of higher value than before. Too many enterprises, the market is divided and there is not enough market for enterprises to grow. Therefore, I think that it is necessary to plan, reorganize and reorient the market, and the creative business fields are “open” and the social fields are very important. , public benefits (post, telecommunications, transport, software …) must be limited, “Hung said.

On the other hand, Hung also said that big businesses must lead and create markets for technology startups. “Big companies have to create opportunities and markets for technology startups. Help technology businesses market first. Large businesses create markets for small businesses. For example, ordering products They will pay them the initial costs so that they can implement them, they will have the capital to invest immediately, and the legal mechanism should facilitate all businesses in expanding their markets “, Mr. Hung shared more.


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Source : Theo ICTNews