Viettel launches network information security monitoring service on cloud computing platform

Tram Ho

Information Security Operations Center (SOC) is a security solution, though not new, but considered comprehensive and necessary for organizations and businesses (TC / DN). However, building and operating an effective, professional SOC is not easy. Especially for units with a lack of expertise and experience, the spread investment in single technologies without incident-handling processes will obviously cost both manpower and material. To balance the factors of Time – Cost – Efficiency, VCS-Cloud MSS is the solution to the security problem of each TC / DN.

Viettel ra mắt Dịch vụ giám sát an toàn thông tin mạng trên nền tảng điện toán đám mây - Ảnh 1.

VCS-Cloud MSS service assists customers with continuous comprehensive monitoring across classes, helping to detect and respond to information insecurity incidents (ATTT). The solution is deployed on the cloud computing platform, helping to save hardware investment costs while ensuring customers experience all the outstanding features of the service at reasonable costs. Furthermore, the service is operated by a team of highly experienced professionals with a clear commitment to quality. Some outstanding features can be mentioned:

Monitoring server systems, computers: VCS-Cloud MSS performs monitoring of client computers and servers in a comprehensive range: signs of network attacks; Abnormal signs and intrusion marks on the endpoint layer.

Monitoring, detecting network layer attacks: Network traffic and packets on customers’ systems will be collected, extracted by sensors, combined with automated malware analysis (Sandboxing) technology to analyze analyze and detect signs of anomalies, potential threats on the network layer. The network monitoring module also provides tools to assist the administration team in investigating, tracking and analyzing in-depth network attack signals.

Security coordination and automated response platform: VCS-Cloud MSS operates on smart coordination platform, reaction automation. In particular, this platform helps to integrate security technologies and procedures into the system operation automatically to create a more cohesive product ecosystem, optimizing the efficiency of the system. monitoring, analyzing and troubleshooting.

24/7 incident response and response: Customer’s system will be monitored by a team of experienced VCS experts. Immediately upon detecting an intrusion attack, network security experts will investigate, localize and isolate the scope of the attack from the customer’s network, then implement professional measures, control and react across the network to respond to, handle and prevent the escalation and expansion of the infection range.

Viettel ra mắt Dịch vụ giám sát an toàn thông tin mạng trên nền tảng điện toán đám mây - Ảnh 2.

VCS-Cloud MSS deployment model

To ensure customers are always updated and kept informed about the status of their systems, periodic reports on food safety status will be provided throughout the use of the service. Customer’s website system will be protected 24/7 against common web vulnerability attacks. In addition, VCS-Cloud MSS also automatically detects and prevents various types of denial of service (DDoS) attacks on customer websites.

Not only monitoring security, VCS-Cloud MSS also assists customers in checking and removing malware, periodically assessing security to ensure customers’ systems are always safe from all attacks, even The attack occurs before the customer uses the service.

Notably, when using VCS-Cloud MSS service, customers will have the opportunity to experience high-quality security products developed by the VCS team such as: Cloudrity (Monitoring system to protect website on the cloud platform) and Global Threat Intelligence (The latest system providing and updating knowledge on security and security).

With its prestige and strength, Cloud MSS is currently deployed to more than 35 customers from government agencies, TC / DN in Vietnam. Only in September 2020, VCS-Cloud MSS had 5 new customers using the service. This partly confirms the service quality that VCS provides to the market.

For more information, please contact Viettel Cyber ​​Security Company at: Floor 41, Keangnam Landmark 72 Pham Hung, My Dinh 2 Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi; Website: ; email:; Phone: 0971.360.360.

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