Viettel coordinated Facebook to remove 186 impersonating pages to protect customers

Tram Ho

On April 9, Military Industry and Telecommunications Group (Viettel), in collaboration with Facebook, removed 186/186 fan pages considered to be impersonating Viettel brand on this social network.

The removed pages are not under the management of Viettel but use the Viettel brand name is not suitable, causing users to misunderstand this is a page representing agencies, units, branches … directly under this unit. In addition, a number of equipment found to give false, falsified information about Viettel packages in order to profit illegally from consumers have also been removed.

Recently, Viettel has completed the registration of green marks 24/26 official fanpage of corporations, companies, institutes, institutes, member centers, and issued a set of “Regulations on cultural and behavioral behavior. on cyberspace ”for all employees.

Viettel phishing Facebook goes 186 pages to find customers' photos 1 viettel_0.jpg
Viettel issued a “Regulations on cultural behavior, behavior on the cyberspace” for all employees.

Pages under Viettel’s management that have not registered green check marks will be strictly controlled and updated periodically. Viettel continues to review and take appropriate measures to deal with fanpage acts of impersonating agencies, units, branches … belonging to Viettel or spreading fake information about corporations, products, and translations. corporate affairs for illicit purposes.

The constant review and removal of the impersonating fanpage reflect Viettel’s commitment to protecting customers in both real and cyber environments.

This move also demonstrates Viettel’s pioneering efforts in preventing fake news and building a healthy and civilized digital social environment.

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Source : Techtalk