Vietnam’s average Internet speed: mobile 39.44 Mbps, fixed 61.60 Mbps

Tram Ho

TTO – Vietnam Internet Network Information Center has announced the result of measuring the average Internet speed of Vietnam with the result of fixed broadband network of 61.69 Mbps and mobile network of 39.44 Mbps.

The above result was published on April 20 by Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) from the statistics of VNNIC Speedtest system, summarizing statistics of nearly 30,000 users in the first quarter of 2020.

With the above results, according to VNNIC, the average download speed of Vietnam’s fixed broadband networks is 45% higher than the measurement results published by foreign systems, and the mobile network is 18.7% higher. .

Particularly, the result of measuring mobile Internet speed , Viettel’s network has the highest average download / upload speed (41.45 Mbps / 32.70 Mbps), followed by VinaPhone and MobiFone. As for fiber optic network, VNPT ranks first with the best download / upload speed, followed by Viettel and FPT.

VNNIC Speedest is a system for measuring Internet access quality developed by VNNIC, located at the connection points of the National Internet Exchange Station (VNIX). This is an independent measurement point for the network of Internet service providers in Vietnam.

The system is provided at, users can actively measure the quality of their Internet access, compare with the current package and request support from the home network in case of need.

Operators can also prove the quality of Internet access they have provided to customers through actual measurements, thereby improving market competitiveness, as well as proactively improving the quality. The service meets user experience needs.

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Source : Techtalk