Vietnamese people can buy iPhone 11 in 3 months, Singaporeans only need 9 days

Tram Ho

Picodi, a website specializing in providing deals globally, has just launched the iPhone Index. This indicator shows the number of working days needed by a person in countries around the globe to own a newly launched mid-range iPhone.

Người Việt làm 3 tháng mới mua được iPhone 11, người Singapore chỉ cần 9 ngày - Ảnh 1.
The average number of working days of people in the world to own iPhone 11. Source: Picodi

Accordingly, the Swiss people topped the list when it only takes 4.8 days (less than 5 days) to be able to own a 64GB iPhone 11 Pro. Ranked next is the Americans, requiring just 5.8 days, the Luxembourgers ranked third – requiring 6.7 working days.

In Southeast Asia, Singaporeans who need to work 8.4 days will be able to buy iPhone 11 Pro, which means fewer working days than people of other countries like Canada, Sweden, France, … Malaysians it took 30.1 working days to buy the iPhone 11 Pro.

According to Pocadi, the site uses data from the average salary of people in each country, with the average number of working days 21 days / month to calculate daily income. From there, the number of working days needed to buy the average iPhone, iPhone 11 Pro version 64GB.

With the same calculation, ICTnews uses the basic salary of Vietnamese people is 6.5 million VND / person / month (General Statistics Office data on the average salary of Vietnamese workers in 2017). In this case, the 64GB iPhone 11 Pro version is expected to cost VND31 million. With these figures, it takes Vietnamese on average 100 consecutive working days to get an iPhone 11 Pro.

At VND 6.5 million / month, employees have to accumulate nearly 5 months to buy iPhone 11.

Người Việt làm 3 tháng mới mua được iPhone 11, người Singapore chỉ cần 9 ngày - Ảnh 2.
Compared with the ability to buy iPhone of labor industry, local to the world. Graphics: Hai Dang

Vietcombank employees only need 19.3 working days, nearly equal to Taiwanese

Of course, the above figures are only relative, employees depending on different regions, different businesses will have different salaries, so the number of different working days to own iPhone.

For example, according to Vietnamworks salary report in 2017, Ho Chi Minh City people have the highest average income in the country, reaching 10.37 million VND / month. As a result, people in this city only have to work 62 days to buy a new iPhone.

Also according to the aforementioned report, Danang’s people ranked second – 10.2 million dong – thus losing 63 working days. Hanoi people ranked 5th – 9.3 million VND – need to work 70.4 days.

Workers depending on different industries will also affect the purchase of iPhone. For example, the statistics in the Vietnam White Paper 2019 are published by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, General Statistics Office, bankers and insurance have the highest income in Vietnam, so they will also do fewer days than average but still enough to buy an iPhone.

With a higher than average income, bank employees have a higher chance of buying iPhone 11 than other workers. This photo is for illustrative purposes only

According to this statistic, bank employees have an average income of 21.6 million / month, so they only need to work 30.1 days to get iPhone 11 Pro, equivalent to the average number of working days. average of Malaysians to own iPhone.

The aforementioned statistics show that Vietcombank employees have an average income of 33.5 million dong per month, meaning that they need to work for 19.3 days to get an iPhone 11 – nearly equal to the rank of Taiwanese, higher than Chinese, Polish, Russian, Mexican rankings (higher rankings, less work).


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Source : ICTNews