Vietnamese people are upset because they can’t send messages on Facebook

Tram Ho

Mr. Thanh Tuan (Dong Da, Hanoi) said that from morning until now, he still cannot send messages to partners via Messenger when he can’t type, messages are sent sometimes. Annoyed by repeated failed messages, he tried reinstalling the Messenger app but still couldn’t fix the situation.

Người Việt bực mình vì không gửi được tin nhắn trên Facebook - Ảnh 1.

Like Tuan, many users on Facebook groups are reflecting on the status of sending messages, but it takes a long time for recipients to read them. This situation only appeared this morning.

Facebook is indeed experiencing problems, according to data from the network-monitoring website DownDetector. As of this morning, the number of error reports on Facebook has tripled compared to normal days.

Người Việt bực mình vì không gửi được tin nhắn trên Facebook - Ảnh 2.

DownDetector noted a spike in crash reports on Facebook this morning.

Before this incident, many people believe that Facebook and Messenger messages are slow to be affected by the AAE-1 undersea fiber optic cable problem from the beginning of the month, which is expected to complete the repair of the fault on the S1H branch on 14/02. 11 come here.

However, since then, carriers such as Viettel or VNPT have said they have quickly adjusted additional traffic to ensure stable bandwidth. Therefore, the Facebook error situation that lasted for a long time but suddenly encountered a serious error in the messaging function this morning seems to be an error of the Facebook server.

With the exception of particularly serious bugs, Facebook usually doesn’t issue a notification, but will quietly work out within a few hours of reporting the problem.

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Source : Genk