Vietnamese look for the most on Google last year: Everywhere you see movies, Top 1 is a real surprise

Tram Ho

Recently, Google Vietnam has officially announced the list of the most searched keywords and topics in 2019, divided by categories, large and small. Not only are panoramic events on top news, entertainment and life, but also the simple questions are also listed and reached the top of the most interested on Google of the past year.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Search Trends for 2019 on Google:

1. The weather

2. Asian Cup 2019

3. Empress Ki

4. The degree of not her

5. Nguyen Phu Trong

6. The leaves fly

7. iPhone 11

8. Squid stewed with bile

9. Give it to me

10. Thanos

The most surprising was the Top 1 with the keyword “weather”, beating all other prominent events and entertainment trends, showing the great interest of the people of our country on the changes related to weather and environment. school. In particular, “Storm No. 6” is also the leading keyword list Top 10 News of the year. Ranked No. 2 is the “Asian Cup 2019”, undoubtedly thanks to the intense pervasive effect of the nation after many regional sporting events, achieving great and rare achievements in national history.

Người Việt tìm gì nhiều nhất trên Google năm qua: Nhìn đâu cũng thấy phim ảnh, Top 1 là bất ngờ thật sự - Ảnh 1.

Although they have to stop in the first round of the quarterfinals, the Asian Cup 2019 is still a top memorable event.

In the list above, “I don’t want her” and “Give it to me” are also two names that appear in Top trends, and lead in another category: Top 10 Hot Search Songs. Although attracting a lot of records with a large number of fans, “Give it to me” is still a bit inferior in terms of crowd effects, curious about the song “I don’t have her” at its peak.

iPhone 11 is still a familiar keyword every year, undeniably the attraction and reputation of the Apple brand worldwide in general and in Vietnam in particular. The majority of Vietnamese people are also commented to have extremely high preference for Apple products, so this position on the Google rankings is completely understandable.

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