Vietnamese entertainment platform market: Interesting the fight against the ‘giant’ Netflix world of the trio of FPT Play, VieOn and Galaxy Play

Tram Ho

After many years of being immersed in non-copyright free movie sites, in recent years, with the appearance of Netflix and FPT Play – Vietnamese people have gradually accepted to pay for entertainment platforms. to watch copyrighted movies and TV shows in high quality.

Realizing consumer demand plus Covid-19, which made the demand for watching movies and entertainment programs soar, VieOn of Dat Viet VAC and Galaxy Play of Galaxy were launched. In addition, FPT Play of FPT Corporation is also providing media coverage of its exclusive products in the Vietnamese market.

The reason we do not mention the veteran players like Clip TV, Zing TV, Danet … because recently they are quite quiet and do not have new investment, moreover, their internal strengths or strengths are still not equal to those of the name just mentioned.

Netflix is ​​getting a big blow in the OTT Vietnam market

According to Kantar Media Vietnam, up to 84% of Vietnamese aged 15 – 54 use the internet every day and in Nielsen’s survey in the same field, up to 90% of survey respondents say that they watch online videos. weekly. Besides, according to Muvi research organization, OTT Southeast Asia’s revenue from next year could reach 650 million USD per year.

According to a study by Media Asia Partners, the online video industry in Asia – Pacific (excluding China) will grow about 15% per year to reach $ 23 billion by 2024.

Although the potential of the OTT market in Vietnam is like this, it is due to the specific characteristics of the economy, culture or infrastructure; it’s just in its infancy. Previously, this market was dominated by free movie watching websites, then with the appearance of FPT Play and Netflix, most recently VieON and Galaxy Play, the market has been blowing a new wind. , more organized and professional.

However, Netflix is ​​slowly losing its leading position in the Vietnamese market through many different statistics.

Netflix has been in Vietnam since 2016, but it was not until last year that Netflix officially got the interface – subtitles in Vietnamese as well as trying to put on the platform a few Vietnamese films, to show the importance of with this market of 100 million people. It is no exaggeration to say that the “big man” of this world has greatly contributed to “educate – educate” the Vietnamese market.

According to a statistic of the Department of Broadcasting and Electronic Information in mid-2019, according to the number of views on the device, YouTube has the highest number of views at 2.6 million, Netflix second is 1.3 million, FPT Play ranked third with 900,000, ClipTV reached 350,000, VTVGo reached 250,000. Thus, the total number of views of two foreign OTT services is nearly 3 times higher than the total number of views of the three domestic OTT services. At this time, both VieOn and Galaxy Play are still very fuzzy.

 Thị trường nền tảng giải trí Việt: Thú vị cuộc chiến chống ‘người khổng lồ thế giới Netflix của bộ 3 FPT Play, VieOn và Galaxy Play - Ảnh 1.

Q & Me’s statistics as of March 2020

However, another statistic from Q & Me in March 2020 shows that Netflix has slipped to second place, behind FPT Play. Specifically: 39% of respondents said they are using FPT Play services, 23% are using Netflix services, 21% use VTVcab On, 19% use K + and 18% use Zing TV.

Statistics from YouNet Media in June 2020, using Social Listening data collected using SocialHeat, help give a clearer view of the influence and coverage aspects of each entertainment platform; Considering the amount and type of discussion during the time it takes to assess.

Accordingly, Netflix is ​​the platform that users are most interested in on forums such as,, or movie review fanpages like “Cuong Phim”. At first glance, Netflix has a huge number of discussions compared to local brands, but most of those discussions come from “market fairs”, buying, selling, renting, and sharing accounts.

Netflix is ​​praised by many Vietnamese consumers for its technology and quality, but complains about payment – only by international card and the service price is more expensive than Vietnamese app.

 Thị trường nền tảng giải trí Việt: Thú vị cuộc chiến chống ‘người khổng lồ thế giới Netflix của bộ 3 FPT Play, VieOn và Galaxy Play - Ảnh 2.

Figures on Vietnamese customers’ interest in entertainment applications are shown on social networks from YouNet Media

The next one was VieOn – at that time doing massive media campaigns to introduce the newly upgraded application. Third place is FPT Play and finally Galaxy Play. Most of the discussions about the three Vietnamese apps are related to each party’s strengths: for example, VieOn is reality TV shows, FPT Play is HBO Go and show “Journey of transformation” and Galaxy Play is screened movies. theaters from Galaxy Cinema.

The most recent statistics on Top Charts in the entertainment segment, TikTok is leading the top 10 most downloaded apps, followed by FPT Play, VieOn ranked 9th – thanks to the effects of TV shows like ” Who is that person “and” Rap Viet “and Netflix is ​​in 10th place.

Considering the business model, FPT Play is a partner of Netflix, Galaxy Play and VieOn rather than the competitor; when they are mainly acting as a publisher rather than a content producer. Therefore, it can be seen that the race to become the No. 1 content producer in Vietnam will be the battle between Netflix, Galaxy Play and VieOn. Currently each side has its own strength and all are at the starting line.

VieOn and Galaxy Play launch in the season

In June 2020, Dat Viet TAC – a leading corporation in the entertainment industry in Vietnam, officially launched a new version of entertainment application with VieON with the slogan “Can’t take your eyes off”. According to this business, it took up to 4 years of continuous research, development and testing with a strategic consulting partner from the US – BCG Digital Ventures to release the complete version as today.

In terms of content, the outstanding advantage of VieON is the rich and comprehensive content repository suitable to the culture and consumption habits of Vietnamese people with 100 TV channels, expected to have more than 100,000 hours of blockbuster content. 100% copyrighted, allowing personalization of content and live streaming (livestreaming).

In particular, VieON also enjoys many quintessence from the mother group Dat Viet VAC. We currently have subsidiaries that produce a variety of business content, from TV shows, fashion, remake copyrighted films, producing TV series such as Dong Tay Promotion, M&T Picture, Vie Channel, Vie Channel – HTV2, Vie Entertainment … “, a representative of VieOn said.

Although just released, the ambitions of this platform are quite large. VieOn plans to enter Southeast Asia, the US, Australia, and Korea into Taiwan by 2021. Currently, VieOn has 3 basic packages: 1-month VIP package of 66,000 thousand VND, 3-month VIP package of 179,000 VND and 12-month VIP package 629,000 VND.

 Thị trường nền tảng giải trí Việt: Thú vị cuộc chiến chống ‘người khổng lồ thế giới Netflix của bộ 3 FPT Play, VieOn và Galaxy Play - Ảnh 3.

Reality TV shows are the strength of VieOn.

Not “inferior to sisters”, in August 2020, Galaxy Group also provides practice to promote the name of Galaxy Play with its numerous customers through various PR – marketing programs.

In 2015, before the explosion of technology and the internet, Galaxy Play (precursor of Fim +) was born to accompany Galaxy Cinema in meeting the needs of enjoying movies on online platforms of Vietnamese people. .

Galaxy Play is the first project in Vietnam to provide video on demand (VOD – video on demand) service with the best picture and sound quality, and support both Vietnamese and Vietnamese subtitles. Brother. After 5 years, Galaxy Play has achieved its goal of becoming ‘Movie on demand service, with copyright number 1 in Vietnam ‘, said the representative of Galaxy Play.

Galaxy Play’s strength is its strong army of film content producers. In addition to the exclusive movies produced by Galaxy such as “The Crab Is Pregnant”, ‘Eye of the Eye’, ‘Very Old Girl 3’; Galaxy Play also intends to self-produce the TV series only. on Galaxy Play like Neflix is ​​doing.

 Thị trường nền tảng giải trí Việt: Thú vị cuộc chiến chống ‘người khổng lồ thế giới Netflix của bộ 3 FPT Play, VieOn và Galaxy Play - Ảnh 4.

Vietnamese cinema movies are the biggest competitive advantage of Galaxy Play.

Galaxy Play also said that I am one of the rare Vietnamese entertainment apps that can be viewed on all tools such as SmartTV, IPTV (internet TV), Smartphone (iOS and Android) and desktop computers; with the largest 4K movie store and Dolby 5.1 surround.

In addition to content diversification, one of the development strategies of Galaxy Play is to diversify forms of payment, in order to create the most favorable conditions for customers to access the platform. Specifically, starting from 8/8/2020, scratch cards for online movie watching services on Galaxy Play application will be released at the cinema system of Galaxy Cinema. Previously, Galaxy Play accepted payments via Momo wallet, international credit card, domestic bank card and Apple Store – Google Play.

Currently, Galaxy Play has the following main packages: high-end package with 60,000 VND / month, 150,000 VND / 3 months, 300,000 VND / 6 months and 500,000 / 12 months respectively; Package for smartphones starts at 20,000 VND / month, 50,000 VND / 3 months, 100,000 VND / 6 months, 180,000 VND / 12 months. Galaxy Play also provides movie rental service for new cinema (in 48 hours) with rent from 29,000 to 70,000 VND, depending on HD / Full HD / 4K format.

Unlike VieOn, they have not had a ‘go global’ plan, but still focus on developing the domestic market. It can be said that in the Covid-19 era and the cinema was always the first place to close when there was a wave of epidemics, Galaxy Play was the lifesaver of Galaxy Cinema and Galaxy Group.

The pioneer of FPT Play

However, VieOn or Galaxy Play are not the first serious OTT investment and development units in Vietnam but FPT Play. Launched in 2014, after 6 years of development, the current main role of FPT Play is content distribution, not production; they also launched FPT Play Box not long ago. The reason is that FPT Corporation’s strength is technology, not content production.

Regarding international films, FPT Play cooperates with HBO Go – one of Netflix’s international competitors; European-American, Korean, Chinese films, they are allied with Danet (under BHD); TV is cooperating with K + as well as domestic and foreign home entertainment channels … Especially, they also have Edumall service – online education about health, parenting, cooking, yoga …

Thanks to its extensive network with many content producers, FPT Play has many special packages such as VIP package, 4 K + channel package, HBO Go + package, special movie package, home channel package, international channel package, Edumall package, basic channel package … to serve many customers.

 Thị trường nền tảng giải trí Việt: Thú vị cuộc chiến chống ‘người khổng lồ thế giới Netflix của bộ 3 FPT Play, VieOn và Galaxy Play - Ảnh 5.

Mr. Le Trong Duc – Project Director of FPT Play Box (far left).

Currently, the OTT Vietnam market is still in the ‘education’ stage, in my opinion, it will take at least two more years for the fruit-picking stage of businesses. Internal level, obviously there has been a good change in the behavior of watching TV, movies through OTT, users have gradually become acquainted with the experience and started to pay for this experience.

The coming time is really the time when users benefit more when changing behavior, as competition from businesses will contribute to boosting OTT experience and content, compared to traditional television and FPT Play is also making maximum effort for this.

If we talk about Galaxy Play and VieOn in particular, I think the technology part of you is not clear yet; So in terms of content, you need to find the Original Content direction – local by identity and maximize each of your internal advantages.

For us, after 6 years of launching in the Vietnamese market, FPT Play is in a relatively good position compared to other newly joined units. However, compared to the overall picture, there is still ‘a lot’ of land and things that we need to do in Vietnam. During this time, FPT Play is determined to do the best it is doing for Vietnamese users, before the regional expansion plans are considered, “said Le Trong Duc – FPT Project Director. Play Box reviews the market.

And You Net Media suggested: Vietnamese businesses should find ways to improve the quality of their products and services more. For example: maximum convenience in user experience, accepting international payment cards or e-wallets …; minimizing bugs in the product before release to the market to limit bad reviews, creating scars that are difficult to erase; Investing in niche copyrighted contents is trending such as: Korean dramas, historical dramas, reality TV shows, game shows, live shows, audio books …

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