Vietnam ‘social isolation’ for 15 days

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The Prime Minister requested social isolation throughout the country, not to gather more than 2 people in public places, from 0h on 1/4 and lasted for 15 days.

Following the instruction of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on prevention of Covid-19 issued in the morning of March 31st, social isolation is carried out according to the principle of “families are separated from families, villages are separated from villages, communes isolated from communes and districts isolated from districts and provinces isolated from provinces “.

Workshops, manufacturing plants must ensure a safe distance, wear masks, disinfect and disinfect according to regulations.

Talking to VnExpress this morning, Mr. Mai Tien Dung – Minister, Head of the Office of the Government explained further, with non-state enterprises, the heads of units based on disease movements, self-determination. whether or not workers continue to work and are responsible for applying the measures the Government has set out; However, the Government encourages enterprises to apply information technology to workers working at home.

“Until now, the factory, production workshop are operating normally, the shuttle for workers is still in operation. However, the head of the enterprise, the production establishment, the goods and service business establishment. responsible for applying measures to prevent and control epidemics in their establishments, ensuring the health and safety for laborers, “Dung said.

“This is not a blockade decision but a recommendation from the government. If the disease outbreaks on a large scale, the government will take more stringent measures,” he said.

According to the directive, the  Ministry of Health is assigned to report to the Prime Minister the options, scenarios and the possibility of emergency response for epidemic emergencies in the afternoon of March 31.

Government leaders require people to stay at home and only go out in case of necessity such as buying food, food, medicine and emergency; or working at factories, production facilities, service providers, essential goods (places not closed or shut down) and other emergencies.

All people must strictly observe the minimum distance of 2 m when communicating; Do not concentrate more than 2 people outside the workplace, school, hospital and in public places.

The Prime Minister asked the entire population to actively participate in voluntary medical reporting, to fully implement measures to protect themselves and their families and to participate in epidemic prevention and control activities of functional agencies and communities.

Regarding the outbreak at Bach Mai hospital, Buddha bar , the Prime Minister assigned the ministries of Health, Police, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City “to be speedy, determined, putting all resources and all solutions to handle. thoroughly.

Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City must enlist every hour and every minute to trace and apply appropriate measures to all at-risk cases, contacting patients and passers-by “outbreaks”; continue to urge people to go back and forth through these “outbreaks” of medical declarations and contact requests for testing.

The Ministry of Public Security cooperates with the health sector to make a list of people involved in the activities of Truong Sinh Company (the service provider for Bach Mai) at risk of infection for medical surveillance, surveillance, quarantine and quickly handle sources of disease transmission.

Provinces and cities will conduct home isolation, medical declaration for classification, testing and concentrated isolation if necessary for those who have been to and from Bach Mai hospital since March 12; assign grassroots administrations to organize close supervision at each family.

For those who have entered the country since March 8, but have not yet applied isolation , the authorities review, check and update their health status; make a list of people who have direct contact and close contact to classify screening, apply appropriate isolation measures (concentrated isolation, at home, accommodation establishments).

The directive stated that state agencies and units arranged for cadres, civil servants and public employees to use information technology working at home ; only those cases that are really necessary such as combat duty, duty of the agency, supply of essential goods and services, processing confidential documents and other necessary tasks as required to work at the office; strengthen online meeting organization.

The head is responsible for the infection of officials and employees because of not strictly observing regulations on prevention and control of epidemics at the workplace.

Also according to the directive,  public passenger transport activities “basically stopped” ; minimize the movement from one locality to another; stop moving from epidemic areas to other localities, except for special cases due to official duties and cases of provision of food, foodstuffs, essential necessities, shuttle buses for workers and experts of businesses, transporting production materials.

Government leaders also asked the Ministry of Industry and Trade, provinces and cities to pay attention to ensure essential goods, food and foodstuffs for the people.

The Ministry of Health periodically publishes positive results twice a day in localities , ensuring accuracy; at the same time direct hospitals to implement procedures and strictly manage, avoid cross-contamination; strictly control, require mandatory medical declaration for patients, family members, caregivers; only one carer per patient; stop visiting patients at health facilities.

“Strict regulations on admitting patients, not allowing an infected individual to affect the operation of the entire hospital,” the instructions stated.

By the morning of March 31, Vietnam recorded 204 positive cases of nCoV, of which 55 were cured, the rest were being treated at medical facilities. Hanoi currently has the most cases in the country with 86 cases, of which 33 cases are related to Bach Mai Hospital.

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