Vietnam ranks 10th worldwide for web threats

Ngoc Huynh

In its Information Technology Threat Evolution report for Q3 2016, Kaspersky Lab showed statistical records on the forms of cyber threats that the company had detected worldwide from data provided by its users. Malware, spamming, phishing, mobile threats and ransomware are the types of threats included in the report.

Kaspersky Lab products detected over 5 million internet-borne malware incidents in Vietnam from July to September. Its report said 23.7 per cent of users in the country were attacked by web-borne threats during the three-month period.

The report showed that Vietnam is the second-most vulnerable country worldwide, where users face the highest risk of local infection. A little more than half of internet users were attacked by malicious programs during the third quarter. The data includes detections of malicious programs located on users’ computers or on removable media connected to the computers, such as flash drives, camera and phone memory cards, and external hard drives.

Vietnam ranked 18th among countries where users faced the greatest risk of online infection. During the three-month period, 24.73 per cent of users were attacked.

In the third quarter, the contribution from Vietnam stayed at 1.1 percentage points and remained the largest source of spam, with a share of 11.01 per cent. The US fell to fourth after its share (8.8 per cent) dropped by 1.9 percentage points.

Kaspersky Lab solutions have repelled 171,802,109 attacks launched from online resources located all over the world. Web antivirus components recognized 45,169,524 unique URLs as malicious. Crypto ransomware attacks were blocked on 821,865 unique users’ computers. Kaspersky Lab mobile security products have detected 1,520,931 malicious installation packages, 30,167 mobile banker Trojans (installation packages) and 37,150 mobile ransomware Trojans (installation packages).

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