Vietnam is among the countries with the cheapest internet prices in the world

Tram Ho

Recently, (a private company still and researches cable TV services, Internet and telecommunications of the UK) has released a report on Internet service rates in 211 countries and regions. earth in the world.

Việt Nam nằm trong top các nước có giá Internet rẻ nhất thế giới - Ảnh 1. collects data from 3,288 fixed network service providers in 211 countries and regions, from October to December 2020. Accordingly, the average amount that users in the world have to spend a month using Internet services is 78.14 USD.

Ukraine is the country with the cheapest internet rates in the world, with an average price of only $ 6.41 per month of internet use. It is followed by Syria, with an average Internet rate of 6.49 USD / month.

Việt Nam nằm trong top các nước có giá Internet rẻ nhất thế giới - Ảnh 2.

List of 15 countries with the lowest internet rates in the world (Vietnam is ranked 12th).

In particular, Vietnam ranks 6th in Asia, 12th in the world and No. 1 in Southeast Asia in terms of low internet service rates. Average users in Vietnam will have to spend 11.27 USD (equivalent to 260,000 VND) for a month to use the Internet.

Besides, Vietnam is also one of the countries with the lowest price fluctuations year by year in the world, when the average freight rate in 2020 will only increase by about 0.04 USD (equivalent to 900 VND). compared to 2019.

In contrast, African countries with poor telecommunications infrastructure, lack of competition among service providers and low average income also make mobile internet rates high in African countries. best of the world.

The report stated that 4/5 countries with the highest average Internet rates in the world belong to Africa, in which users in Eritrea will have to spend an average of 2,666.24 USD / month to use the Internet. . Ranked No. 2 in expensive internet rates is Mauritania, with the price of $ 712.46 for a month of internet use.

Followed by Comoros (414.01 USD / month), Burundi (370 USD / month) and Macau (307.74 USD / month). Yemen is the country with the largest fluctuations in Internet rates in the world, when the average rate in 2019 is 2,466.67 USD / month, but in 2020, this price has decreased to 39.34 USD / month. month, down to 2,427.32 USD / month.

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