Vietnam charting app attracts users from 165 countries

Tram Ho

A Vietnamese charting application used by 450,000 users from 165 countries, including many employees of well-known technology companies.

Only launched in May 2019, a charting application founded by a Vietnamese has attracted a large number of visitors and users; and was voted as one of the leading digital charting products on Product Hunt – a site introducing new US technology products.

This application is called Zen Flowchart, founded by Hoang Thanh Hau (Nick Hoang). Nick Hoang said the application currently attracts more than 450,000 users from 165 countries around the world. The markets that this application accesses most are the United States, China, France, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, India, Japan, Canada and Germany.

In particular, many users are employees from technology firms and large non-profit organizations around the world. It is worth noting that this startup has never promoted its products. Zen Flowchart is only known from sharing via social networks, as well as comments from users on technology sites.

The application originated from finding an online charting software of the founder, but after many days, he still could not find a satisfactory product. Nick Hoang found that many products on the market were quite complicated, not user friendly, or using old technology so it was slow and error-prone.

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Zen Flowchart Founder Nick Hoang.

He also realized that many people were having problems like him, when there were more than 150,000 searches related to “flowcharts” (charts, flowcharts) every month. This inspired him to create products suitable for the majority.

“Many office workers struggle to draw up diagrams to express and share business processes. Zen Flowchart is expected to be one of the easiest online charting software. The application has a minimal design, friendly interface, time-saving, fast speed and convenient sharing, ”Nick Hoang said of the product differences.

Many current charting tools require users a lot of time to learn to get used to, while the chart is only a small part of the report. Zen Flowchart tries to overcome this, uses a simple web-based design language and retains only the most important features. Non-tech savvy users can also quickly create graphs without reading the manual too much.

“We are a small group based in Vietnam. With Zen Flowchart, we want to help you draw diagrams more easily. The software on the market is quite confusing and unfriendly to new users. So when designing Zen Flowchart, easy-to-use interface is our # 1 priority, ”the tech startup wrote briefly about himself in the app introduction.

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Friendly interface, easy to use of Zen Flowchart.

Previously, users often looked to some office software to draw diagrams, but because it was not a specialized feature, creating a cell on the diagram required three steps of navigation. Meanwhile, Zen Flowchart just needs a “cloning” step through the “One-click Creation” feature. This helps users save up to 50% of the time to create charts.

The application also has the feature “Publish Document”, which helps users not need to download or print the chart, but just share the link to the user. This is very convenient when managers create a customer service chart of 10, or complete a 20-step chart in the production line, and then need to send it to the entire staff.

Zen Flowchart offers a free basic plan for users and a full-featured advanced package for $ 4.5 / month for individuals, no business packages. However, Nick Hoang said that he did not place much emphasis on revenue, but expected to create a good product “made in Vietnam” but of international stature. Therefore, all profits will be reinvested in product development and upgrading for at least the next 1-2 years.

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Source : Techtalk