Video cards are still reeling from the price storm because of Bitcoin

Tram Ho

When Bitcoin made a new high in mid-March, it wasn’t long before Ethereum also made a new high in early April. The increasing value of virtual currencies had a strong impact on the VGA market, which was already extremely scarce in time after the Lunar New Year.

According to a survey by ICTnews at that time, a new GTX 1660 Super cost about 10 million VND, now has increased to 14 million VND after just over a month. Ancient video cards such as GTX 750Ti also increased from 1.5 million to 2 million, although the old purchase price was only 500,000 VND at the time of not fever.

Card màn hình vẫn quay cuồng trong cơn bão giá vì Bitcoin - Ảnh 1.

Gamers who have sold good-quality video cards now have to use an ancient, fire-resistant life.

The most high-end video cards today like the RTX 3060 Ti are obviously in a state of no supply. On the new / old VGA trading groups, the scene of buyers and sellers is still in full swing. But when the sellers offer the price, most of the buyers just ask the price and then shake their head to lose.

The shortage of VGA caused gamers to take advantage of this opportunity to sell video cards for a profit, now falling into a funny situation when they cannot buy a compatible VGA.

“For a whole month turn on the computer to see the desktop screen and then turn it off, is anyone like me”, Nguyen Truong (Hanoi) lamented the newly frozen gaming console, except for the GT 630 fireproof video card.

Mr. Truong may still be luckier than many people. Some gamers who fell into extreme situations had to sell off the whole system because there was no video card to play.

The VGA price storm is forecast to persist as Bitcoin and Ethereum are still on the verge of setting new records. Meanwhile, the global shortage of chips in all sectors from automobile manufacturing to computer components makes already scarce VGA even more difficult to find.

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Source : Genk