Verifying information about famous female streamers insulting senior leaders

Tram Ho

On the morning of August 26, a leader of the Hanoi Department of Information and Communications (TT-TT) said that he had assigned the Department’s Inspector to review and handle female streamers who made unstandardized statements, insulting the leadership. high-level leadership, is being spread on social networks.

Xác minh thông tin nữ streamer nổi tiếng vạ miệng xúc phạm lãnh đạo cấp cao - Ảnh 1.

Female streamer was condemned by inappropriate statements – Screenshot

According to him, the verification process must be careful, accurate and legal in both content and procedural order.

Before that, social networks spread clips, content related to a female streamer “slapping her mouth” on the livestream. This woman has insulted senior leaders.

Accordingly, during the livestream on the Facebook Gaming platform, the once-popular female streamer of the game League of Legends of Vietnam is MLN (real name NTTL), after reading a rude comment from a fan talking about bald people, instead of ignoring her, she used a senior leader as an example.

It is known that NTTL is a quite famous person in the streamer world, with hundreds of thousands of followers on social networking platforms.

As soon as the clip, the information about her making inappropriate statements, many people condemned and asked the competent authorities to take strict action to set an example for others about speaking on social networks. as well as insulting others.

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