Valve may launch a Nintendo Switch-like handheld PC game console later this year

Tram Ho

Valve’s first attempt at the console market was doomed to failure, but Valve could still return with a completely different strategy. Ars Technica says that they have evidence that Valve is working on a handheld PC like the Nintendo Switch, to play Steam titles, called SteamPal.

Unlike the Steam Machine console, Valve will design a handheld computer. This PC will be built on Intel or AMD platforms, can run Steam’s game library based on Linux.

Valve có thể sẽ ra mắt máy chơi game PC cầm tay giống Nintendo Switch vào cuối năm nay - Ảnh 1.

Ars Technica reports that SteamPal’s controller interface will be different from the Nintendo Switch’s. Because for playing PC titles on Steam, it will have a mini touchpad controlled by the thumb. Besides, SteamPal can also connect to an external monitor, to provide a better gaming experience.

Currently, Valve has not confirmed any information about SteamPal. But the developers have discovered the codename of this device. Besides, founder Gabe Newell also revealed that Valve will launch something new related to console ambitions later this year.

Before that, the Steam Machine console failed for a variety of reasons. One of them is the lack of game content, as the Steam Machine runs Valve’s SteamOS operating system and depends on 3rd party developers for support or not.

SteamPal can avoid that failure, by emulating it to be able to run all Steam titles. More specifically, SteamPal will have a portable design like the Nintendo Switch, a segment that is still quite empty and encounters less competition.

We haven’t seen handheld PCs, let alone handheld PCs for gaming. Therefore, SteamPal will be a very remarkable device and bring a whole new gaming experience to gamers who often sit at the computer desk.

Reference: androidauthority

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