UX optimization with 2019 Fonts on-trend should not be missed

Tram Ho

What is the beautiful font trend for 2019? Using beautiful fonts is always one of the most useful ways to convey messages to customers. That’s why updating typography trends is extremely important for every designer.

Creative fonts not only re-express information through alphabetic characters, they also give viewers a visual impression, and arouse many emotions. The font can express fun or fear, strange noise or silence. The craving joys have never been so clear through the words.

1. Bold and bold font

In 2019, the trend of using very large, bold fonts and a “noisy” feeling will continue to become popular among designers. These fonts are mainly used as a major element, prominent in design. If you want viewers to look at the design, and shout your sentence out loud? These bold fonts will be the number one choice for you.

Bold font makes that content beat right into the eyes of the viewer, wherever you put it. Poster or word fall will definitely stand out from afar, thanks to these fonts. Want your website to become “more personal”, more friendly? Use these large fonts.

2. Sans Serif font – no minimalist legs

Farewell to the big bold font in part 1, we welcome the minimalistic fontless, a “guy” completely opposite to the noisy friend next door. With the minimalist trend in design, Sans Serif font, also known as the footless font is undoubtedly an indispensable companion for the simple-worshiping designers.

Thanks to the minimalism, these fonts can easily adapt to many different situations. It also does not require too many visual elements. When used appropriately, these fonts will certainly bring about tremendous efficiency.

Minimalistic non-foot prints evoke gentle, relaxed, and quiet feelings for readers, and are also very calm. Instead of shouting with a big slogan, give the viewer a “bit of peace, a little deep”. Let the space settle with these fonts.

3. Vintage font

The more you look to the future, the more people tend to regret, nostalgic for past memories. Trend vintage is dominating in the design world, from fashion to interior design. Not surprisingly, in 2019, we receive a lot of fonts designed to keep up with this Vintage trend.

You can use these vintage fonts to create good logos for packaging products, things that require elegance and politeness. You can also use bold fonts, which are somewhat complicated but nostalgic. For those who want to hold on to a bit of memories in a busy modern world, the vintage style is definitely born for you.

4. Handwriting font

The handwritten fonts have never been out of date. It is a combination of the fluency of handwriting, with the elegance and elegance of calligraphic characters.

In 2019, handwritten fonts (script forms) have developed and changed a lot with different shapes and styles. They can be mischievous, classic, serious, simple or complex. With handwriting font, any style is available. You will be overwhelmed by what this font brings to your product.

5. Outline font

Once you are familiar with the idea of ​​a title font, or want to search for a font that represents maturity and elegance, the font outline (border font, envelope) is the choice for you.

In 2019, this font is “invasive” everywhere, in every design product. Modern, serious makes this font used to express maturity and success. There are many styles designed for this outline font, from large to small, bold to light, leaning, handmade, sharp, and more.

6. Serif font – has high contrasting legs

There is a font, which is a combination of prominence, attracting every look, with elegance and gentleness. These are the high-contrast serif fonts . In 2019, it is really a fever and is everywhere.

The contrast here comes from the aspect of width: Part of the characters tend to be thinner than the rest. The two parts have a huge contrast, creating a clear difference, while highlighting each other.

It is this contrast that creates bold, yet luxurious designs. Using this typography style, your design will be raised to a new level.

7. Quirky fonts – lovely, playful

A design that is full of mischief and loveliness in 2019, these are quirky fonts (usually the fonts are designed without following many stereotypes, bringing improvisation and expressing cheerfulness and mischief). They both have “clumsy” features, are extremely lovely and lovely. Quirky font gives viewers a feeling of surprise, fun by the comfort and nature that it brings.

The trend of Quirky font is suitable with gentle and humorous content, meaning encouragement, enough to make viewers make a smile on their lips. Design publications using Quirky fonts often give viewers a fresh and optimistic experience.

8. Messy fonts – Messy, personality

The font of Messy is a messy, rough font that can be considered a “bad boy” in the Typography family. It is a special case in Typography. Yet by 2019, it became a trend of ten thousand people. The beauty of it is special: It is a way of breaking up, leaving all the rules about beauty you know.

9. Unique hand-lettering font

Hand-lettering is a variation in handwriting fonts. It was born based on the brush strokes up and down in the dark color of the pen Hand-lettering has completely different rules than conventional typography. In 2019, strange and unique designs stand out as a new trend. Therefore, hand-lettering is the “last character” to close the list of the top 9 hottest font trends in 2019.

Hand-lettering is very diverse, it has many different shapes, sizes and styles, but most importantly, they give you a unique feeling, the only thing that you can integrate your personality into. Your own into brand and design products.

2019: “Everything is possible”

The creativity of redesigners is pushed to new boundaries. We create and reinvent! In 2019, everything is possible. With large fonts, up to the complementary fonts, words that are traditional, until the “digital 4.0” fonts, from elegant to messy but attractive. All in one unified whole. Before the unexpected variety, the right to choose is yours.

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