Using this extension will help you code HTML CSS X times faster

Tram Ho

Hello friends. In this article, I want to introduce to you one of the extensions I developed by myself called Evondev Snippets. In the process of coding HTML CSS, you probably know about Emmet and Emmet has a list of cheatsheets to help you code faster for example. bgc:white will become background-color: white.

However, sometimes you will code over and over again, like with flexbox, when you want to be center, it will be display: flex;align-items: center;justify-content: center or with absolute for example. So VSCode has provided a solution called Snippets, which means that you can create the snippets you often use and then just type a few words and they will all appear. If you use Emmet in the HTML file, when you type  ! and press Enter and it appears a basic HTML page then ! those are called snippets.

Back to my extension problem, I have created a lot of useful snippets in CSS as well as the most common HTML that I and you guys will need when the code will be needed. I’m using it and now it has more than 2000 installs and many users say it’s fine. So now I write this article to share with those who do not know it. And I hope it will be useful to you, you can try and use it because it’s free hehe. In addition, I also develop many other extensions that I will introduce to everyone in other articles.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day. Here are some pictures for you to have a look at


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