Using the image of a nuclear bomb to advertise, Xiaomi must publicly apologize to Japanese users

Tram Ho

Recently, Xiaomi was caught up in a new scandal, causing the company to post a public apology post in Japan after a promotional clip with illustrative images. cold”.

Specifically, the ad below was posted by Xiaomi in order to promote its newly launched Redmi Note 9 Pro, however, the way Xiaomi uses illustrations and names has caused many people. use backlash, especially Japanese users.

A video in the Redmi Note 9 Pro promotional video uses the image of a nuclear bomb and “Fat Man”

As the video above shows, we can see that Xiaomi has used some “inappropriate” words and phrases with Japanese culture, such as the image of a nuclear bomb exploding as well as proving itself. illustrates an image of a “fat man” that looks like a giant white balloon, which makes it difficult for users to understand the meaning of this series of illustrations (although in the previous video (refers to the fast charging feature of Redmi Note 9 Pro).

Dùng hình ảnh bom hạt nhân để quảng cáo, Xiaomi phải công khai xin lỗi người dùng Nhật Bản - Ảnh 2.

For those of you who don’t know, “Fat Man” is the codename for a nuclear bomb used by the United States to destroy the city of Nagasaki during World War II in 1945. The image of the giant black and white ball in the video makes many users think of nuclear bombs of similar design.

With the backlash from the public, Xiaomi Japan immediately posted a public apology post on Twitter.

Dùng hình ảnh bom hạt nhân để quảng cáo, Xiaomi phải công khai xin lỗi người dùng Nhật Bản - Ảnh 3.

“Our latest product ad for overseas markets contains uncensored content and this video has been removed. Xiaomi respects its users and cultures around the world. We will keep an eye on our users when launching new products. We will do everything within our scope to address the consequences as well as make sure that we do not repeat this in the future. “

This is not the first time Xiaomi has faced heavy criticism from public opinion. Just recently, Xiaomi’s vice president, Mr. Chang Cheng (former vice president at Lenovo before) made misleading and vulgar statements when he took the example of a female student in her signature. dormitory to emphasize the ability of the Mi 10 Youth smartphone’s telephoto shooting, which suggests that Xiaomi smartphones can “sneak a picture” of female students.

Dùng hình ảnh bom hạt nhân để quảng cáo, Xiaomi phải công khai xin lỗi người dùng Nhật Bản - Ảnh 4.

Mr. Chang Cheng, vice president of Xiaomi

Chang Cheng soon had to publicly apologize after “cracking” and proceeded to raise more than 300 million VND to make a charity to express his will. The Deputy Director’s apology continues to be the subject of discussion on Weibo with over 400 million views and 16,000 comments.

Perhaps Xiaomi will have a more strict censorship and management team in creating marketing content, because even a careless sentence or a “sensitive” image is enough for Xiaomi to be caught in the trouble not worth having.

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Source : Genk