Users complained about the new 16-inch MacBook Pro with speaker and display errors

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Apple's new 16-inch MacBook Pro finally fixed the keyboard error, by replacing the butterfly-style lever with the scissor switch. Besides, 16-inch MacBook Pro also significantly improved performance, making this laptop really a good choice at this time.

However, according to the latest AppleInsider report, new MacBook Pro users have complained about speaker and display error.

Người dùng phàn nàn vì MacBook Pro 16 inch mới bị lỗi loa và màn hình - Ảnh 1.

Loudspeaker error on 16 inch MacBook Pro occurs when you are playing a video or a song, then stop playing, you will see a "beep" from the speaker. The reason why, but a YouTuber discovered this error appears only on certain frequencies.

Speakerphone error on 16-inch MacBook Pro

After receiving the response, Apple also acknowledged this error and is working on it.

Another user report for MacRumors responded to another bug related to the screen of a 16-inch MacBook Pro. This error occurs when scrolling text or moving quickly, on the screen of the 16-inch MacBook Pro will appear ghosting of the previous image.

However, Apple has not responded to this screen error. And it seems that this is the only case reported so far.

Speaker error of 16-inch MacBook Pro seems to be more pronounced and is recognized by Apple. Maybe Apple will fix it soon with a macOS update. However, if you also encounter this error, you can take your MacBook Pro to the nearest service center for advice.

Reference: theverge

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