Useful tools to create testdata

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Useful tools to assist in creating testdata

Today I will introduce a list of some applications that I consider to be quite useful in creating test data and I think it will be needed for you in the testing work, and other things if you know. how to apply and take advantage of what these tools provide.


This web application provides a tool for you to count the number of characters, the number of words in a paragraph, any sentence that will be useful in creating or testing test data. Required for the number of words and characters entered. Vietnamese characters, spaces, special characters … are all comfortable. You can specifically access the link to learn more details offline.

More simply, we can also use MS Word to check the number of words and characters if it is more convenient.


We can use this application to create test data in case we need a large amount of text data, a long paragraph, such as note fields, or detailed information, description … You can select the desired number of characters / words / paragraphs, this application will output corresponding to the selected request. Then just click the copy button and you can paste it into any textbox!


An application I think is also very good, so you can change the way of writing / displaying a piece of text to uppercase, lowercase, often mixed capital, capitalize the first letters, only capital letters the beginning of the sentence, … regardless of how your input is written, just select the change request after just one click and you will get the corresponding output. This is also quite useful in creating test data related to text. It is also extremely useful in the case of many text, or long texts, we can change the uppercase or lowercase style simply and quickly than ever!

4. URL Decoder / Encoder

This application helps you decode / encode a certain URL, just copy and paste into the textbox on the application, click Decode / Endcode, you will immediately get the corresponding results. The application makes it easy to decode confusing JavaScript URLs into a readable path.

5. Rubular

“Rubular a Ruby regular expression editor”, this is an application to help you create and check the syntax of regular expressions (regular expressions), (if you are not familiar with this term, you can learn here to understand more), now there are many applications to support you in this, Rubular is one of those applications!

From the expression you create, copy the data to check then check the results. Besides, you can also create yourself a permalink to be able to share the expression link with test data and results just made with others.


Numverify helps you check the phone number format, generate JSON code for the information of that phone number quickly, just paste in any phone number, the application will help you check that number. Is the format of a phone number correct? This phone number belongs to which country, which network operator, or whether this number is a mobile or landline subscriber … You can also view that information in the form of JSON code, Numverify supports to check the phone number information of 232 countries around the world.

Local Format4158586273
Intl. Format+14158586273
CountryUnited States of America
CarrierAT&T Mobility LLC
Line TypeMobile

7. WEPAY testing

Wepay provides an environment, data so we can use bank accounts, or virtual credit cards, which is very useful when you need to test systems that need information related to bank accounts. Credit card information, payment … v … v … For details please visit the link to learn more!

8. Online random file generator

This application helps you create files with the size of arbitrary file sizes, options for file names, file formats desired quickly. After only a few operations, you have any file and capacity as you like, it will be very convenient in the case of creating test data for systems that need attachments.

Temporarily so, I think this is one of the cool and useful tools for creating test data, are you using any other tools or utilities? Share with me in the comments below! I especially like number 3 and number 8 because I use it the most among the lists above. Hope also contributed to your work in preparing test data as well as in your testing process.

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