Use UI Edge Insets to set the layout on the UIButton

Tram Ho

You can use insets to arrange the contents of system or custom button . With inset, you can add or remove spaces to button titleEdgeInsets ( titleEdgeInsets ), images ( imageEdgeInsets ), and both titles and images together ( contentEdgeInsets ).

To see how these three properties work, create a button (UIButton) via the xib file or write in code. It only provides a center vertically and horizontally in the constraint of view father. Give contentView the background color in blue, the imageView in red background and titleLabel in yellow. On top of that, you can also give the border of the green button.

contentEdgeInsets is working as you expect. You can add space around both imageView and titleLabel using values.

The rule when it comes to titleEdgeInsets or imageEdgeInsets is adding equal offset to the insets of both left and right. So if you add 8 points to the inset of the title on the left, you need to add -8 points to the right. In this way, you only use insets to offset headlines or images and not resize them in any way. If you do not do this, the calculated layout may become too small and the title may be cut off and the distance will show some strange behavior.

To change the title and image position, we can use imageEdgeInsets and titleEdgeInsets to move imageView behind titleLabel . First we move the imageView with the same number of button widths to the right and then we subtract the width of the image so that the imageView will be in the content view. It should look like this:

We set the opposite value of the inset on the left for the inset on the right:

We can then move the titleLabel to the same width of the imageView to the left:

If you want some distance between imageView and titleLabel , you need to add half the space to titleLabel and half the space for imageView as follows:

But currently titleLabel and imageView beyond content view. We can compensate for that with contentEdgeInsets :

But what if we wanted an imageView with a certain margin from the edge and titleLabel centered?

We can make the node bigger by giving it a larger distance, for example 128 points. Then we need to move the imageView the width of the node plus the distance to the right minus one margin that we want the imageView be on the right edge (16 points in our case). Then we have to compensate for the same distance but the opposite on the right side to keep the imageView imageView the same size.

When adding an image, the title is pushed to the right with the amount of width of the image. In the example above, the imageView with the titleLabel is centered, but for now we just need to center the titleLabel . To do so, we set the title to the left and right of titleEdgeInset by half the width of the imageView . We do it on both sides to keep the title the same size, otherwise you get a truncated title.

When you set the width limit button, you can set the margin to 0 or remove all margins. The width constraint will expand the content view.


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