Use Google Lens to copy handwriting onto a laptop

Tram Ho

This is a new feature that has just been updated on the Google Lens application.

The Google Lens app has just added the ability to directly copy text from paper documents to a laptop. Accordingly, when selecting a piece of document with Google Lens, you can use the “copy to computer” feature to quickly paste it into the device that is logged in with the same account on Chrome.

This feature is convenient when you need to quote a paragraph from a book or document. After copying, you can paste them into the Google Docs word processor application on your laptop or PC.

Use Google Lens to copy the laptop image 1 DSCF4536.JPG
The Google Lens application can copy handwriting onto a laptop.

In addition to text from books, Google Lens can identify documents in handwriting. This feature is only available on Android devices and will soon be available on iOS.

Lens is an artificial intelligence search application developed by Google. Currently, the application can help users translate English, Chinese, Korean and more than 100 other languages. Users can also use Google Lens to learn how to pronounce some difficult-to-read vocabulary.

Besides, the application also helps users identify objects, brands, search for the place of purchase and the price of similar products. The Google Lens app has been available on CH Play since June 2018. Android users from 6.0 and above can experience this application.

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Source : Techtalk