US President Donald Trump declared a national emergency

Tram Ho

At 15:00 on March 13 (2:00 AM March 14), US President Donald Trump declared a national emergency due to COVID-19 acute respiratory infection, creating conditions for providing additional federal aid worth billions of dollars to stop the disease from spreading.

Speaking at a news conference, President Trump stated: ” In order to remove barriers to the full authority of the Federal Government … I formally declared a national emergency due to the outbreak. of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Earlier, on March 12, during a speech at the Oval Office in the White House, President Trump said he would take urgent actions to financially support sick employees, take part in quarantine or caring for others due to the new SARS-CoV-2 corona virus infection.

However, he insisted this was not a financial crisis.

For weeks, the Trump administration has been trying to calm public opinion by asserting its ability to control the disease.

However, health experts have recently voiced warnings about the severity of the disease.

The Trump administration’s measures were taken against the backdrop of a rapidly increasing number of positive positive SARS-CoV-2 cases in U.S. cities and states, signaling the possibility It is difficult to control the disease in this country.

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Source : Genk