US police save nearly 2 billion VND per car when switching to electric cars

Tram Ho

According to the Somerset Police Department in Wisconsin, USA, has just announced, they have decided to choose the Tesla Model Y electric SUV as a patrol car. Although the price of this model is higher than other electric cars and significantly higher than petrol cars in the same segment, they believe that this option will save the city $80,000 (about VND 1.9 billion) per vehicle in the future. throughout the life of use.

Cảnh sát Mỹ tiết kiệm gần 2 tỷ đồng mỗi xe khi đổi sang ô tô điện - Ảnh 1.

No emissions, better high-speed performance, no noise, and a more spacious cabin are some of the reasons why this police department chooses an electric vehicle (or electric cars in general). However, the savings factor is significantly more important because many police departments do not have the funds to spare and the $80,000 savings per vehicle is a huge amount.

According to Somerset police chief, Koel Trepczyk, told Electrek, they decided to choose the Model Y because the car doesn’t need an oil change, regenerative brakes to save electricity, a 5-year powertrain/battery warranty, the ability to Excellent performance, long life, high safety and American car.

Cảnh sát Mỹ tiết kiệm gần 2 tỷ đồng mỗi xe khi đổi sang ô tô điện - Ảnh 2.

The spacious interior also makes it easier to integrate the necessary equipment during patrolling into the car

He also confirmed that the vehicle’s operating range (500 km/charge) is not a problem for patrol cars because each regular group only runs a maximum of 100 km before changing groups. The amount of $ 60,000 they spent to buy a Tesla Model Y is quite large, but the difference with a gas car (usually around $ 35,000, meaning $ 25,000) can be recovered after 6 to 18 months of use.

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