US Media: Why did Vietnam have fewer than 300 cases of Covid-19 and no deaths?

Tram Ho

Vietnam shares a border with China, but so far, no deaths have been attributed to Covid-19 and fewer than 300 positive cases, while other Southeast Asian countries. there have been thousands of cases.

Experts said that, from the experience of dealing with previous pandemics, along with the early implementation of strong social separation policies, drastic action from leaders and the power of unity. have made Vietnam’s success.

“With experience gained from dealing with the SARS 2003 and H1N1 2009 pandemics, the Government of Vietnam has started to respond to Covid-19 in January – as soon as reports began to be released from Wu Han China, which is said to be the source of the virus, quickly launched a series of tactics, including social isolation and the search for people who had been exposed to positive cases. has also won praise from the World Health Organization and the CDC for its transparency in crisis handling “- National Public Radio – US public radio said.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc recently described Vietnam’s efforts as “the spring offensive in 2020”, alluding to the similarity with the 1968 Tet offensive.

Tens of thousands of people have been put in concentrated isolation areas. By the end of March, Vietnam had banned all international and domestic flights. The Government has implemented social isolation nationwide since April 1.

The streets – which are usually bustling with motorbikes and cars nearby – are now nearly empty in most major cities. When the economic damage of social disengagement becomes apparent, some entrepreneurs are pushing hard to support the people. They carried out the “Rice ATM” movement to distribute rice for free to those who lost their jobs because of Covid-19.

“Some people may still be skeptical about Vietnam’s relatively low number of Covid-19 infections” – but CDC’s MacArthur does not.

“Our team in Hanoi is working very, very closely with the Ministry of Health partners,” he said. “The communication I have with my colleagues in Vietnam is that at this time, there is no indication that those numbers are incorrect.”

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