Untold Stories “The title gives you the feeling of horror as” deep web “access is being free on Epic Store

Tram Ho

Currently on Epic Games Store is free download Stories Untold (worth $ 5.99), the game combines elements of puzzle, adventure and extremely attractive horror. Please quickly register and download before the program ends on May 30, 2019.


The game takes the theme of the 80s, you will rely on storytelling, annotated text, images and interact with the most advanced technology items at the time to solve puzzles and discover the mysteries that developers hide inside. The interesting point of this game comes from challenging gameplay, high creativity and especially combining horror elements to make players’ psychology feel stressed when solving puzzles, helping the story become should be more attractive and attractive.

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  • Four stories with settings, gameplay and individual mechanisms
  • Solve riddles, challenge psychology and create bizarre items you never thought of
  • The classic interface brings vivid memories or a glimpse of what was in the 80s
  • The sound in the game was inspired by the 80s horror film soundtrack
  • Achieve achievements to unlock secrets
  • Continuous changing circuit game from horror / psychology, to mysterious tension and science fiction
  • Want to know how it feels to access deep web? Let’s play Untold Stories!
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  • Windows: Windows 7 (or higher) / Intel Core Duo CPU (or higher) / HDD 400MB (or higher) / 2GB RAM (or higher) / DirectX 9.0
  • Mac: Mac OS X 10.9.5 (or higher) / Core i5 (or higher) / 2GB HDD (or higher) / RAM 4GB (or higher) / GeForce GT 750 (or higher)
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