Unique camera features that only the Galaxy S21 series has

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From inheriting the main camera sensor with extremely high resolution, the potential telephoto lens system for the ability to zoom far to 100X or many exclusive features integrated by Samsung, the Galaxy S21 series is generally currently The only smartphone on the market that is evaluated to have a camera “top of the top”.

Incredible hardware: 108MP sensor, 100X telephoto zoom lens …

In order to have the best experience or top-of-the-line image quality, hardware is first and foremost a critical factor in being “good” first. That is why Samsung has equipped the Galaxy S21 Ultra with the best quality camera system on the market that hardly any competitor can “match”.

Những tính năng camera độc đáo chỉ Galaxy S21 series mới có - Ảnh 1.

Maintaining from its predecessor, the Galaxy S21 series continues to own a high-quality camera cluster. With the Ultra version, the 108MP main sensor is upgraded to a new generation that improves image quality to the highest possible level. Currently, there are not many smartphones equipped with 108MP camera on the market, if any, it is only using the old generation sensor and also manufactured by Samsung. Thus, in terms of hardware factors, Galaxy S21 Ultra is occupying the leading position in the smartphone market today.

And yet, not only has a 108MP super-resolution sensor, one of the features is the “brand” for the Galaxy S21 Ultra line that is the ability to zoom up to 100X, which is called by Samsung as “Thu Space Zoom “. To do this, Samsung has equipped its camera with two telephoto lenses, one with an equivalent focal length of 70mm (ie 3X) and a periscope with an equivalent focal length of 240mm ( ie 10X). When the two are combined, users can zoom as far as 100X, creating creative freedom with faraway subjects without having to get close. Obviously these are all features that only the Galaxy S21 Ultra can do.

Software with many features, creating constantly

To produce a quality image, the software also plays a big role. This year, the Galaxy S21 series continues to inherit creative shooting modes such as Single Take, Director’s View, Vlogger (Vlogger’s View) or “must-” modes. have “such as slow motion / super slow motion (Super Slo-mo), time lapse (Timelapse) and many more modes to allow users to fully exploit the power of the Galaxy S21.

Những tính năng camera độc đáo chỉ Galaxy S21 series mới có - Ảnh 2.

The Galaxy S21 offers a variety of cool photo and video modes

Những tính năng camera độc đáo chỉ Galaxy S21 series mới có - Ảnh 3.

Using the different zoom levels, you can completely shoot at normal telephoto angles that the human eye cannot reach.

Những tính năng camera độc đáo chỉ Galaxy S21 series mới có - Ảnh 4.

Director’s View is also one of the very useful modes for young people who are passionate about vlogging. Now all the panoramic views and your face will appear in the video in real time without any post-production work.

Selfie camera “top” with a resolution up to 40MP

Owning such a quality main camera cluster, this year’s Galaxy S21 series and especially the Galaxy S21 Ultra continue to bring the quality of taking selfies “top of the top”. With a high resolution of 40MP, combined with photo editing algorithms, Galaxy S21 will certainly not disappoint young people, especially girls, when now, taking 1000 photos, all 1000 will. sparkling, fulfilling virtual life every day a photo does not end.

Những tính năng camera độc đáo chỉ Galaxy S21 series mới có - Ảnh 5.

With this year’s Galaxy S21 series, Samsung has performed extremely well in conquering users, especially for young people who are passionate about mobile photography, the Galaxy S21 is an indispensable tool to be creative. out very unique photos.

This is not a coincidence that this year’s Galaxy S21 is highly appreciated: From a luxurious and sophisticated design, the camera “top of the top” to strong performance … This is indeed a very meaningful gift. This new year 2021 means for Galaxy users, especially young people who are passionate about photography.

From now until February 11, consumers who purchase Galaxy S21 series from all retail stores running the program will enjoy the free exchange or return program within 14 days. Accordingly, the return period is extended to the end of February 25, 2021. The promotion is applied in conjunction with the promotion program Gift voucher of 2 million VND or any program applied during this period to increase the discount up to a huge price.

Samsung also offers a series of incentive programs, enabling users to own the Galaxy S21 Series or as technology gifts to their loved ones. Accordingly, customers who choose to buy Galaxy S21 Series from February 4 to 28 will receive a Samsung voucher worth VND 4 million, a 2-year Samsung Care + extended warranty package worth VND 3,399 million, a 0% installment program. and one-time free screen stickers at Samsung service centers nationwide.

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