Unexpected situations cause unsafe power supply, damage equipment and how to fix them

Tram Ho

Power outages can come at times when we don’t expect them

This is a fact that not many people notice, that the current entering our device is not always stable. The voltage may jump up or down due to the influence of external factors. If the difference is not large, this should not be a problem, but if there is a significant difference in the increase or decrease of the power supply, the electrical equipment you are using could be at risk. Lightly, the life of these devices will be reduced, while heavy will cause damage, fire, explosion, or even danger to the user.

Những tình huống khó ngờ khiến nguồn điện mất an toàn, gây hỏng thiết bị và cách khắc phục - Ảnh 1.

Power failures are unpredictable

Of course, you cannot control all the bad cases that can happen to the grid of your office or family. In fact, there are many causes of power outages or sudden, flickering voltages that we cannot control, such as the explosion of the battery of the whole area, fire of the line, malfunction from the factory. electricity. Besides, there are also factors that cause problems from home electrical appliances such as circuit breakers, broken fuses, power overload … all lead to negative consequences.

More and more individual units and companies are interested in the safety of electricity grid. That is the reason why the demand for UPS on the market is growing, whether you are targeting the needs of business or home.

The need to use quality UPSs is growing

According to our survey of users, Eaton UPS models are being purchased and trusted for use. Eaton is the world’s leading provider of backup power solutions and power storage devices, with a company founding life of more than 100 years. As a huge multinational corporation, of course, the number of Eaton batteries is extremely large. But if you are looking for a power bank that is compact in size but has different features, check out the Eaton DX-RT.

Những tình huống khó ngờ khiến nguồn điện mất an toàn, gây hỏng thiết bị và cách khắc phục - Ảnh 2.

The Eaton DX-RT is a premium quality battery pack model

The advantage of the Eaton DX-RT model is that it is built according to the Double-Conversion Online technology, capable of protecting critical applications, minimizing time. shutdown, data loss and damage. The dual converter architecture is a combination of a rectifier (AC-DC) and a reverse rectifier (DC-AC) that allows the output of the output power to be isolated from all spikes of the input power supply. Capable of responding to a wide input voltage range, from 208 to 240V, the Eaton DX-RT allows to minimize battery usage even during input voltage fluctuations, thereby helping to save energy. for best response during times of instability or outage in the mains supply.

Những tình huống khó ngờ khiến nguồn điện mất an toàn, gây hỏng thiết bị và cách khắc phục - Ảnh 3.

Compact model of the Eaton DX-RT

In addition, Eaton DX-RT is also made from quality materials and components such as: Mosfet, IGBT, IGBT module, SCR …, digital signal microprocessor control and real-time data processing. high durability and reliability. Model E DX-RT has been tested to be generator compatible. In addition, this model also owns an intelligent battery management system, which protects against electrical leakage and minimizes charging time. More importantly, the Eaton DX-RT is extremely durable thanks to its built-in over-heat and power overload protection.

Responding to the needs of remote monitoring, the Eaton DX-RT also features an optional SNMP protocol that enables remote monitoring and support over the network, making operation easier in the event that you cannot sit by your side. Continuously monitor the UPS. This is a feature suitable for businesses of any size, with personnel individually arranged to keep track of the operating status of the company’s electrical network.

With many of the above valuable features, and a variety of models to choose from, suitable for both home and business needs, the Eaton DX-RT is the right choice for you to protect your grid first. the unexpected situations mentioned above.

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