Unexpected developments after the “cut off” Vingroup’s phone segment

Tram Ho

After the information that Vingroup stopped the phone segment, although it has not created a “fever”, the interest in Vsmart phones has changed, a number of retail systems recorded an increase in traffic to the Vsmart booth.

On the CellPhoneS website, the representative of this mobile retail system said that the access rate increased by 65% ​​compared to normal days. The number of calls to the switchboard to order Vsmart increased by 30%, focusing more on the segment under 4 million Active 3, Joy 4.

Diễn biến bất ngờ sau cú cắt phăng mảng điện thoại của Vingroup - Ảnh 1.

Explanation from Mr. Lac Huy, representative of CellPhone S: “At the same price range, Vsmart is currently considered a” bargain “thanks to its high configuration and beautiful design. fear of lack of goods, so you should buy products today.

Others, customers want to own a Vsmart phone as a souvenir before the product lines are really scarce, “Huy said.

“Yesterday, the percentage of visitors to the company’s Vsmart total page increased 77% compared to the average day of the previous week,” said Hoang Ha Mobile.

This mobile retail system recorded the most “closing” of purchase orders in product lines in the price range of 3-4 million VND such as Vsmart Live 4, Joy 4 and Star 5.

However, this unit said that in some business areas, because customers did not know the information and the psychology of waiting to discharge, reduce prices, the order volume was not really sudden, however, still recorded an important level. great mind.

Diễn biến bất ngờ sau cú cắt phăng mảng điện thoại của Vingroup - Ảnh 2.

Vsmart phone.

Surveying the exchange of buying and selling smartphones, quite a lot of people posted forums asking to buy “hot” phone lines of Vsmart. In particular, Aris and Aris Pro are more interested by Vietnamese guests.

“I want to buy Aris because of the same price range of 6-7 million dong, the device has many advantages,” said Minh Anh, a guest in Hanoi.

Meanwhile, Minh Son (residing in Cau Giay, Hanoi) plans to buy 19 phone models of Vsmart as a souvenir.

“However, this is a bit time-consuming because many points of sale do not have all the models and have to look in many different stores. It may even have to buy the used machine again.” Minh Son shares.

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Source : Genk