Unemployed for 30 days, I understand the things that 30 years of life have not necessarily realized

Tram Ho

After officially entering society, we start to be busy, start to have to go everywhere for making money. At this point, we understand the value of an individual, family and society, so we are more and more trying to have a stable career to prove the above value.

However, in reality, there is no such thing as a stable job, only a stable capacity. Besides, there are many lessons, when you sit still, you will not be able to understand. Instead, it is not until you become unemployed that you truly mature.

 Thất nghiệp 30 ngày, tôi hiểu được những điều mà 30 năm sống ở đời chưa chắc đã nhận ra - Ảnh 1.

What is the reason? The reason is because post-unemployment, you will learn the extremely important morals.


Unemployment helps us to appreciate our work more. For many, everyone aspires to be free to pursue what they like, to do what they want to do and still have plenty of time to rest, to hang out, such as a freelancer. But imagination is always better than reality. People who understand and can persevere with freelance jobs are not many. Sometimes, when you become a freelancer, you miss and desire to continue to do the same job. At that time, the opportunity was out of hand.


Unemployment helps us understand our position. There are people at work who always think that they are very good, their ability is very good, they can solve all problems, I am very important, the company without me cannot. But once risk arises, the company dismisses you, then you will become confused and find yourself not really important. Overestimating yourself, enlightenment of personal capacity is also one of the reasons that can make you continue to be unemployed more and more.


Unemployment makes us more competitive sense. As the society develops, competition among talented people in every company is getting more and more intense. The cases where he lied to me cheated more and more. In that treadmill, if you keep up the cliché and unruly thinking, before being fired, you will be rejected by society.


Unemployment helps us understand the truth if you do not hold a skill at hand, you will definitely be left behind. You want to go out into society, you want to make money, you want to have achievements, so you have to be good at something. Professionals wherever they will be noticed, taken away, prioritized, given more opportunities. And those who are still struggling to know what life will be increasingly deadlocked.

 Thất nghiệp 30 ngày, tôi hiểu được những điều mà 30 năm sống ở đời chưa chắc đã nhận ra - Ảnh 2.


Unemployment makes you realize the interestingness of your job. It’s like in a romance, only when we are gone can we appreciate and realize how well we missed it, but by then it was too late. When we were still working, we were complaining about tired jobs, low wages, bosses, but it was time to become unemployed, no income in our hands, you understand your old job as precious as how.


Unemployment can help you understand the importance of social relationships. Someone once said, before 30 years old, we rely on our ability to earn food and after 30, we will have to rely on relationships. When you are young, you will think this saying is cliché and unreasonable, but over time, the importance of communicating and maintaining relationships with those around you will be revealed. And now you know, while working, you must definitely accumulate relationships, protect and constantly increase them.


Unemployment helps you see the nature of people. This is common when you work or live in the same environment. Normal people are still very close to you, when you encounter problems, both start to separate from each other, fewer contacts, even lose to 2 strangers. Unemployed too, your colleagues like siblings are really good or not, now you know.

 Thất nghiệp 30 ngày, tôi hiểu được những điều mà 30 năm sống ở đời chưa chắc đã nhận ra - Ảnh 3.


Unemployment can help us understand what real life is like. When we are still in school seats, when we are not officially independent, we often live very emotional, always looking at life with the pink eye. But when we step into society, when we fall five times, we will discover how cruel reality is. This is the social nature.


Humans are a relatively emotional animal, only through many ups and downs can they truly mature. You have a good job, you get a great salary, you are beautiful, you are skillful, you are good … All these advantages can sometimes not make sense when you are just an individual. in a large community are suffering from the unfortunate impacts of natural disasters, epidemics, the economy … It is important that through the uncertainties, you still maintain a consistent attitude, ready to cope with difficulties even greater than the present.

Good luck!

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