Understand why Samsung has only launched OLED TVs until now

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For the past 17 years, Samsung has always been the largest TV manufacturer in the world (according to both Counterpoint and Statista). But that same truth has raised a big question for them: why did Samsung officially launch a TV using OLED technology until 2022? Since 9 years ago, when OLED technology was still in the first stage of research and application to commercial products, Samsung bluntly said that they were not in a hurry to apply it. While their biggest competitors are commercializing OLED TVs one by one, Samsung is still focusing on developing Quantum Dot technology – quantum dots.

Đã hiểu vì sao Samsung đến bây giờ mới ra mắt TV OLED - Ảnh 1.

Samsung waited 9 years to launch its first OLED TV

The reasons given by Samsung are that the OLED screen technology developed by rivals has not yet reached the necessary “maturity”. Specifically, OLED technology is still affected by inherent weaknesses such as the ability to cause burn-in when used for a long time, the required brightness is not as expected (normal OLED TVs only have brightness at less than 700 nits) and most importantly, the production cost is still relatively high.

S95B – OLED TV model proves Samsung’s decision to wait is correct

RTINGS, the world’s leading valuable TV review site, gave the Samsung S95B 9.1 out of 10 with a rating of “excellent TV to watch in a bright room”. This site gives the S95B up to 10/10 Contrast and 9.5 Reflection points. In particular, the brightness of the S95B reaches 1300 nits, much higher than the OLED TVs of other competitors. This gives this TV an absolute advantage when viewing in bright light (typically a living room or bedroom with the curtains open), keeping the viewing experience the same no matter what. whatever.

Đã hiểu vì sao Samsung đến bây giờ mới ra mắt TV OLED - Ảnh 2.

9.1/10 points rated by RTINGS

A clear example of Samsung’s long-awaited efforts is that the S95B has an Ambient Mode optimized for OLED screens, which both shows the design characteristics of Samsung TVs and creates an advantage only for the new company. Have. No more meaningless black curtains in the room, with Ambient Mode, S95B can turn into an art picture that makes your room more beautiful.

Samsung’s way of doing things differently

Instead of just developing TVs using conventional OLED technology, Samsung has subtly coated Quantum Dots – Quantum Dots on the S95B’s OLED panel to overcome the weaknesses of conventional OLED TVs. Quantum Dot Coating also helps the S95B screen get brighter colors than usual, while increasing the life of the curtain, minimizing burn-in. That’s also why only this TV on the market has received the Pantone certification for true-to-life color experience.

Đã hiểu vì sao Samsung đến bây giờ mới ra mắt TV OLED - Ảnh 3.

The image quality of the S95B shows Samsung’s correct decision to wait.

The S95B’s high score compared to competitors on leading TV review sites such as RTINGS, Techradar, CNET proves Samsung’s decision not to rush is correct. Waiting 9 years to be able to bring an OLED TV model does not mean that Samsung is slow in updating technology, but simply waiting for the real opportunity to come in hand to seize it.

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