Twitter will delete inactive accounts and free up usernames in December

Tram Ho

Twitter has just emailed the owner of the inactive accounts, with the warning: “Log in before December 11, otherwise your account will be deleted and the account name will be taken away. " Any Twitter accounts that haven't logged in for 6 months will receive this warning.

Twitter said it was an attempt to clean up inactive accounts, revoke account names to provide more accurate and reliable information. Besides, this social network also wants to encourage users to actively log in and use it more often. As a result, inactive, sub-accounts or fake accounts will be permanently deleted.

Twitter sẽ xóa những tài khoản không hoạt động và giải phóng tên người dùng vào tháng 12 - Ảnh 1.

The move affects not only those who have given up on Twitter to move to more attractive social networks, but also the accounts of the deceased.

However, users can still retain their account very easily, just log in and follow Twitter's instructions, without having to post any tweets on their personal page.

Besides, Twitter also changed its naming policy. Accordingly, account names with less than 5 characters will no longer be allowed to register.

Reference: theverge

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Source : Trí Thức Trẻ