Twitch and Reddit banned President Donald Trump’s account

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Twitch has temporarily banned President Donald Trump’s account. The livestream platform said Trump’s broadcast and a number of videos replaying the 2016 election campaign violated the policy of offensive and hateful behavior. In his campaign videos, Mr. Trump made many negative comments against Mexican immigrants.

A representative of Twitch said: “Offensive and hateful acts are not allowed on Twitch. According to our policy, President Donald Trump’s channel has been temporarily suspended due to offensive and hateful comments. ”

Twitch và Reddit cấm tài khoản của tổng thống Donald Trump - Ảnh 1.

In preparation for the 2020 campaign, President Donald Trump set up his own Twitch channel in October last year. Twitch also warned Trump’s media team that no exceptions would be made, even for the president of the United States. Like any ordinary user, President Donald Trump is also subject to Twitch’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

Twitch’s move comes at the same time that the Reddit forum has locked down The_Donald subreddit, which gathered all information related to President Donald Trump. Subreddit The_Donald is not under the administration of the Trump administration, but Mr. Trump used to attend the Ask Me Anything event as presidential candidate in 2016.

Twitch và Reddit cấm tài khoản của tổng thống Donald Trump - Ảnh 2.

Reddit said it also banned about 2,000 subreddit, for violating rules relating to hate speech, hate speech and racism. The shutdown of Twitch channel and the closure of The_Donald subreddit could affect Mr. Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign.

Reference: engadget

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