Turkey fined Google $ 25.6 million for antitrust

Tram Ho

According to the report, Turkish antitrust agencies, Competition Authority (RK) today announced antitrust fines of up to 196.7 million Lira ($ 25.6 million) for Google. was applied.

Thổ Nhĩ Kỳ phạt Google 25,6 triệu USD tiền chống độc quyền - Ảnh 1.

In January of last year, the Turkish Competition Authority opened an antitrust investigation to evaluate whether Goolge’s exact ad service’s search and ad services algorithm violated fair competition laws. in Turkey or not.

Prior to the investigation, RK received complaints from competitors of Google, alleging abuse of dominance and making it difficult for competitors to do business. RK also said that the subjects of the investigation include Google Turkey, Google International, Google Ireland and parent company Alphabet.

Earlier, in early September 2019, the Turkish Competition Authority decided to fine Google 93 million Lira (equivalent to $ 17.38 million) for the sale of Google’s mobile software in violation of competition laws in the country. this family.

In another development, Arab News reported on Nov. 4 that the Turkish telecommunications regulator fined 10 million Lira ($ 1.26 million) on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok. because violating new regulations on social networks takes effect.

According to reports, the controversial law that took effect October 1 requires social media platforms with more than 1 million users to designate a local representative in Turkey, otherwise they will have to Face penalties such as hefty fines, ad bans and data restrictions. So far, only Russian VK social platform has complied with this regulation.

The new law states that social media giants that “continue to circumvent Turkey’s law” will face an additional fine of up to $ 3.6 million over the next 30 days and then be banned from advertising. report in January next year. Bandwidth will be reduced gradually until May, with the maximum reduction can be up to 90%.

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Source : Genk