TSMC postpones plans to test 3nm chips until October 2020 and may take longer because of the Covid-19 epidemic.

Tram Ho

The world’s leading chip maker TSMC has been planning to invest in 3nm process with the least amount of investment up to 50 billion USD. So far, this amount has been spent about 20 billion USD. The company also plans to produce test chips in June. But with the current epidemic situation, TSMC may delay this period at least until October.

TSMC hoãn kế hoạch sản xuất thử chip 3nm tới tận tháng 10/2020 và có thể lâu hơn nữa vì dịch Covid-19 - Ảnh 1.

After companies embarked on the 10nm process, only a handful of companies were able to pursue it, such as Intel, TSMC and Samsung. In particular, Samsung’s 3nm process has gradually moved to GAA architecture. Meanwhile TSMC is still conservative with FinFET architecture.

TSMC originally planned to hold a meeting in April to reveal plans to launch a 3nm process. But due to the impact of the disease, the company had to delay until the end of August.

In addition, a pilot production plan for the 3nm process could be postponed. TSMC’s original plan was in June.

Similarly, the 3nm chip production line at TSMC’s Nanke plant will be delayed until the end of the quarter. TSMC’s original plan was to install the production line in October. But perhaps with the current situation, things could be delayed until early 2021.

But for TSMC, the biggest risk for TSMC this year is the operation of the 5nm process. If nothing changes, TSMC will start mass production by the end of Q2 / 2020 to promptly supply Apple A14 chip to Apple and Kirin 1020 chip to Huawei.

But all plans have been broken at the last minute and production is likely to be pushed back to Q3 / 2020.

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